Everything You Need to Know About LED Light Bulbs

led light bulbs

Any resource that claims to tell you everything you need to know about something is inevitably the height of conceit. Factory Direct LED, a leading online retailer of LED lights, fixtures and accessories, would like to tell you everything that you need to know about led light bulbs, but LED lighting is a constantly-evolving technology that creates new information every day.  Therefore, rather than trying to tell you everything, our team has prepared this list of questions for you to ask your LED lighting retailer. The answers will help you make intelligent decisions when you set out to install new LED lighting or to replace existing lights with new LED’s.

How much do I need to spend on LED Light Bulbs? 

As the LED marketplace expands, LED prices are coming down and better LED technology is becoming more widely available. You will spend more for LED’s with superior performance characteristics, but over a one- or two-year period you will recoup your upfront costs with savings on your electricity bills. Ask about the efficiency ratings of the LED light bulbs that you want and how you can use those ratings to calculate your savings.

How long do LED light bulbs last?

LED’s generate light when a voltage potential is applied across a junction in semiconductor materials. LED’s do not have filaments or gases that emit light when they are charged. Those filaments and gases wear down quickly over time as much of the electricity that is applied to traditional lights is dissipated as heat. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and last significantly longer than traditional lighting technologies. If you are concerned about the longevity of an LED bulb, ask for a product that is rated for at least 50,000 continuous hours of operation or longer. 

Can I use a dimmer with an LED bulb?

Some new LED technologies are designed to work with dimmers for traditional incandescent fixtures, but you will probably get better dimming performance from dimmer switches that are specific to LED’s. Ask for dimmer recommendations and for the LED bulbs that will work with different dimmers if dimming is a concern.

Is LED light harsh?

Early forms of LED’s generated light with higher “Kelvin” temperatures that were perceived as cold and unrelaxing. Newer LED bulbs are available with lower temperatures that better replicate the warmer light that some incandescent bulbs generated.  If you want a more warmly-lit environment, ask your retailer to recommend LED bulbs that have lower temperature ratings.

Can I control LED lights with a mobile phone app?

Mobile app technology and LED lights that are in the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) arena are the newest frontier of LED lighting technology. IoT LED lights allow you to control your lighting remotely, to change the color temperature from harsh to warm, and, in some cases, to alter the actual color of the light. Artificial intelligence systems might also learn your lighting patterns and preferences and direct LED lights to turn on and off or to change colors and temperatures in response to your regular routines, and with no extra input from you.