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Next Generation LED

A Glimpse of Next Generation LED’s

Light emitting diodes, or “LEDs”, are rapidly becoming the standard lighting solution for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications. First-generation LED’s were relegated...

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led light bulbs

Everything You Need to Know About LED Light Bulbs

Any resource that claims to tell you everything you need to know about something is inevitably the height of conceit. Factory Direct LED, a...

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safe street lighting

What to Consider for Safe Street Lighting

Considerations of safe street lighting will beg the question, “safe for whom?” Creating safe street lighting for pedestrians will involve different factors than making...

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Efficient LED Lighting

Reduce Your Energy Bill With Efficient LED Lights

The details behind claims that a product or device can reduce your energy bills will always reveal the validity of the claim. Where electrical...

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Language of LED

Learn the Language of LED

From one perspective, the language and terminology that describes LED lighting will sound as if it were drafted by an accomplished science fiction writer....

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Buyer’s Guide for LED Lighting

Buyer’s Guide for LED Lighting

You can probably find as many Buyer’s Guide for LED Lighting and recommendations for LED lights as you can find the lights themselves. Those...

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Choosing LED Lighting Fixtures

5 Tips for Choosing LED Lighting Fixtures

Television viewers who have switched from cathode ray tube technology to high-definition flat panel screens will appreciate the difficulty of making the right decisions...

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