LED Warehouse Lighting

Modern warehouses typically cover hundreds of thousands of square feet with operations that rely on logistics that can be timed down to the second. The efficiency and profitability of warehouses can be vastly improved with lighting that gives employees the best visual acuity at all levels in a warehouse, including between shelves and down long […]

LED Airport Lighting

LED airport lighting has been quietly transforming airports across the globe, turning them into beacons of sustainability and safety. This advanced lighting technology promises a myriad of benefits to both airport operations and pilots. This article explores LED airport lighting in-depth, its many advantages, and how it plays an essential role in bolstering airport safety. […]

The Benefits of LED Grow Lights for Urban Farming

As urbanization continues to reshape our cities, innovative solutions are needed to meet the growing demand for fresh and sustainable food. Urban farming has emerged as a viable solution, allowing communities to grow their own produce in urban environments. LED grow lights have revolutionized the way urban farming operates, offering numerous benefits and enabling year-round […]

A Look at Kelvin Temperatures in Lighting

We have all likely had the experience of sensing that a room’s lighting is too harsh, or of feeling that a room was so warmly lit that the lighting itself created a very relaxing environment. How we perceive lighting is a function of the relative concentrations of different color visible spectrum wavelengths in the lighting. […]

German Airports Showing Major Cost Savings with LED Lighting Systems

Ground and flight operations at major airports are akin to a highly-choreographed ballet. Even with enhanced radar and electronic imaging, the operations teams that control this ballet need to have a clear view of everything happening while controlling costs to maintain the safety and profitability of their actions. New LED airport lighting technology is helping […]

What Are Lumens and How Do They Relate to Choosing LED Lighting?

LED lighting is rapidly taking over the market for artificial illumination for a variety of commercial, manufacturing, and residential applications. Advanced LED technology and versatility, as well as the superior economies and efficiencies of LED lighting are the most commonly-cited reasons for the growing popularity of LED’s. Many newcomers to LED lighting find themselves confused, […]

Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting Offers Enormous Cost Savings

Between 2009 and 2016, Los Angeles retrofitted more than half of its streetlights with LED lights as part of a long-term initiative to transition to eco-friendly, green technology. The city intends to replace all of its lights with LEDs, but even before it has completed that project, it has realized energy cost savings of more […]

What Affects the Lifespan of LED Lights?

LED Lighting has become a staple of sustainable and cost-effective lighting sources due to their long life, but what affects the lifespan of LED lights? Rather than generating light by passing electrical current through a metal filament or a gaseous substance, LED light comes from interactions at a molecular level among solid state elemental materials. […]

Important Milestones in the Story of LED Lighting

In just over fifty years, LED lighting has progressed from limited use by benchtop hobbyists who used tiny red LED bulbs as signal indicators in electronics projects, to a household presence in video screens and lighting fixtures.  Advances in the field over this period have positioned the Story of LED Lighting as the predominant technology […]

LED Lighting is Revolutionizing Outdoor Sports

The first outdoor night baseball game was played in Massachusetts in 1880, when event organizers erected 36 lamps to generate approximately 90,000 foot-candles of light onto the playing field. Sports promoters quickly came to appreciate how illuminating playing fields would open their sports to a broader audience that would not otherwise be able to attend […]

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