LED Exterior Space Lighting

LED Exterior Space Lighting

Some of the more dramatic images of exterior spaces are seen under custom lighting conditions in evening hours. LED lighting systems are becoming the light source of choice to accomplish those stunning views. Unlike floodlights or other traditional  lighting sources that shed light without discriminating among different exterior space features, LED light can be configured to highlight specific aspects of exterior architecture and spaces in order to focus a viewer’s attention on detail that might otherwise be missed. LED lights can also be adapted to walkways and landscape to achieve equally dramatic effects.

LED exterior lighting systems are available in a wide range of beam spreads and wattages to facilitate everything from uniform lighting across a building surface to focusing on specific building features. Exterior LED lighting can also be configured to cast light fully on a  building with minimal light pollution affecting other areas or disturbing wildlife habitats. Unlike exterior floodlights that have limited color temperature range, LED lights are available in color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6000K, with lower values generating softer appearance, and higher temperatures casting a brighter appearance where safety is a concern. 

As with other applications LED exterior lighting systems are more efficient than traditional lighting. LED systems can cut energy consumption by more than 50% with no degradation of illumination. LED fixtures have an average life expectancy in excess of 100,000 hours, which also reduces maintenance and repair costs. LED’s have an almost instantaneous on-off response with no warmup or other delay before maximum lighting is achieved, and with advanced control systems, exterior LED lighting systems can be controlled with motion sensors that turn lights on and off with increased or reduced traffic. These systems further reduce electricity consumption and energy costs.

The best LED lighting systems are designed with a modular style that can be expanded and reconfigured with relative ease. These low-profile luminaires can be engineered and built directly onto building surfaces with no intrusive appearances. Patented heat-sink technology reduces the operating temperatures of LED exterior space lighting systems by more than 20%, which places less thermal strain on building surfaces and surrounding areas. 

Where safety is a primary concern, exterior LED lighting systems have no parallels. LED illumination and beam density can be configured to be uniform across all surfaces to give the best view perception on security cameras. Beam uniformity also reduces eye fatigue that results from constant adjustments to bright and dim areas. With lower eye fatigue, security personnel will remain more alert to problems and other safety risks.