Assessing the Strengths of LED Lighting for Hazardous Environments

Selecting the best and most appropriate lighting for an area that has been designated as a hazardous environment involves more than simply choosing a light bulb or fixture that illuminates the area. OSHA regulations for hazardous environment lighting are very specific with respect to the features and characteristics that are allowed to be used in […]

Designing Class I Hazardous Lighting Fixtures

Regulations adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) generally define Class I hazardous locations as any industrial environment in which flammable vapors are present. Class I locations are further subdivided into Divisions and Zones, but the presence of flammable vapors is the common thread that ties together every Class I location. All Hazardous […]

LED Lighting for Loading Docks

Loading docks are often the final connection between a business and the outside world. Yet in spite of the importance of that connection, a business often pays little attention to it as long as it accomplishes the basic function of getting products out of a manufacturing and storage facility and into shipping processes for customers. […]

How Companies are Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights

Lighting Pollution with Outdoor Lights is defined as excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light that reduces our ability to see stars in the night sky, and that disrupts ecosystems, harms our general health, and wastes energy-production resources. Outdoor lights are the primary (and likely, only) source of light pollution. Companies are responding to calls to reduce […]

Important Questions to Ask Your LED Lighting Supplier

The recent growth in the popularity of LED lighting has attracted many new suppliers and distributors into the field. A majority of those LED lighting suppliers provide quality products and give consumers good service and value for their dollar. If you are considering a significant lighting project, for example, that more than just replacing a […]

How LED Lighting is Fueling the Rise of Energy Efficient Grow Lights

Greenhouses and other indoor plant growth facilities revolutionized crop production and expanded plant growth into geographic areas that previously did not have ideal environmental conditions for plant cultivation. The farming industry is on the cusp of a new expansion of indoor cultivation, and that expansion is being driven by energy efficient grow lights. Advances in […]

Parking Lot Lighting With LEDs

Proper illumination of parking lots and lead-in access roads is necessary for security and safety.  Unfortunately, this comes at the significant expense of energy and maintenance cost using conventional lighting. In contrast, LED lighting provides the double advantage of lowered energy and maintenance costs.  Additional benefits include truer color recognition, precision optical shaping, unsurpassed durability, […]

Correctional Facility Lighting With LEDs

Correctional facilities place a high priority on safety, security, and operational efficiency. LED lighting systems can help meet or exceed performance standards in all three of these areas. Due to the instant-on and dimming capabilities of LED systems, new control methods are now practical and promise to allow even greater performance. LED lighting can improve […]

Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Our outdoor spaces are our chill spots during the warm season. Your outdoor space can be a beautiful garden, a simple reading spot with greeneries, or a small backyard swimming pool. Whether you want to enjoy a chilled summer afternoon and enjoy some bird watching or watch the starry night, your outdoor space is the […]

Lighting Manufacturing Areas with LEDs

Factories and manufacturing spaces have evolved from the dark and dangerous places of the industrial revolution to modern production lines and assembly stations with improved lighting over the years.  Now lighting manufacturing areas provide even more opportunities to increase the productivity, safety and efficiency of manufacturing operations.  Factory designers and production engineers are finding that […]

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