Economic and Safety Benefits of LED Street Lighting in American Cities

Los Angeles has already converted more than 75% of its more than 200,000 street light to LED technology. Chicago, New York, Shanghai, and Copenhagen are well into plans to convert their own street lighting to LED’s. Other smaller cities around the globe are considering the same thing. Cities that retrofit their street lighting to LED […]

Adjusting Street Lighting to Accommodate the AMA’s Health Concerns

A recent study published by the American Medical Association (AMA) might have dimmed the ardor of municipalities that have been considering retrofitting their street lighting to LED systems. The AMA has specifically cautioned that because of their brightness, LED lights create more glare that leads to eyestrain and fatigue. Further, the Association has cautioned that […]

People Report Feeling Safer on Streets Lit with LED

Parents typically tell their children from an early age to avoid dark and abandoned streets and to stay on well-lit and populated thoroughfares when they are out at night. As children gain experience and maturity, they inherently understand that they will be safer when the streets are Streets Lit with LED. New findings now reveal […]

Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting Offers Enormous Cost Savings

Between 2009 and 2016, Los Angeles retrofitted more than half of its streetlights with LED lights as part of a long-term initiative to transition to eco-friendly, green technology. The city intends to replace all of its lights with LEDs, but even before it has completed that project, it has realized energy cost savings of more […]

What to Consider for Safe Street Lighting

Considerations of safe street lighting will beg the question, “safe for whom?” Creating safe street lighting for pedestrians will involve different factors than making streets safe for motorists. Businesses and street residents will have their own ideas of what constitutes safe street lighting, as will city managers who are charged with using taxpayer dollars to […]

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