Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Our outdoor spaces are our chill spots during the warm season. Your outdoor space can be a beautiful garden, a simple reading spot with greeneries, or a small backyard swimming pool. Whether you want to enjoy a chilled summer afternoon and enjoy some bird watching or watch the starry night, your outdoor space is the best option. Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Inspiration will help get you motivated and experimenting.

Every outdoor space requires the proper lighting to ensure it’s cozy and comfortable, even with no natural light. The best lighting idea can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, magical garden. There are plenty of outdoor lights in the market. What are some of the unique outdoor lighting ideas and inspiration you can consider for your outdoor space?

Six Amazing Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home; hence it should provide you with the coziness found in your home. It should be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting your sense of style and personal preferences. Just like the indoor spaces, you can go the extra mile by using unique outdoor lighting ideas to bring a magnificent spark and look. You transform your space into an outdoor oasis with the correct combination of lighting and ideas.

LED lights continue to become the most popular option for people looking for backyard lights. They come in various colors and designs and are very energy efficient. You don’t need to worry about running a high lighting bill when using modern LED light bulbs.

During the warm seasons, we spend most of our time outdoors. Leaving your guests, friends and family in a dimly lit outdoor space is insulting and dangerous. While there is no specific formula for lighting your outdoor space, one universal fact is failing to light your outdoor space is a big mistake. Apart from providing you and your guests with ample illumination, outdoor lights enhance the security around your home. Elevate your outdoor space to a heavenly standard by utilizing the following outdoor lighting ideas and inspiration.

Retro Solar Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are one of the most traditional outdoor lighting options. They are also commonly used to light all outdoor spaces; backyards, streets and front yards. Their versatility makes them suitable for outdoor spaces ranging from small to large. You can use solar lamp posts if you have a large or medium outdoor space and want a more cost-effective lighting option. They come in various designs, sizes and heights, making them suitable for every outdoor space depending on one’s preferences.

Solar lamp posts provide a high amount of illumination, as high as 3000 Lumens creating virtual daylight. However, buyers can also use dimer versions that provide a subtle glow. Since they are solar-powered, you spend less money on electricity bills. The solar lamps can be installed on posts or walls; you will also need to install a solar panel.

Solar lamp posts will give you the necessary illumination if you have a long driveway. Solar lamp posts with motion sensors are beneficial as security lights. The best solar lamp posts are the ones which have adjustable illumination levels, allowing you to set different moods in your outdoor space.

Outdoor String Lights

Homeowners or business owners who want starry lighting in their outdoor spaces should consider going for outdoor string lights. They are among the most effective lighting ideas yet straightforward and affordable. They are also very decorative and come in various colors, lengths and designs. You can use the string lights to light every outdoor space around your home, from the tree house where your kids play or your front patio.

Unlike solar lamp posts, string lights tend to have low illumination, but you can use light bulbs with higher illumination for a brighter outdoor setting. The long-lasting LED light bulbs also come in various colors, with flashing cycles giving your outdoor setting a changing atmosphere. They are cost-effective and energy efficient, and easy to install. You can pick any spot with a wall socket and style up the string lights to your liking.

Patio Umbrella Lights

Bring the beach setting to your outdoor space by installing patio umbrella lighting. The patio is one of the essential outdoor spaces that need 24/7 lighting. It’s also a wonderful place to host an outdoor party or dinner. Installing patio umbrella lights will elevate the outdoor setting of your patio. They are versatile and can be used in other outdoor spaces like backyard gardens.

The unique design of the patio umbrella lights makes them suitable to light a small section under the umbrella like a table. They provide enough illumination to create the intended effect. You can select your preferred size and design based on the lighting area and personal taste. However, you might need to use them with other outdoor lights like lamp posts, especially if you have a large outdoor space.

If you have a bigger space, you can install two or more patio umbrella lights in your space. The lights can be strategically spaced to provide maximum illumination. Even though they don’t offer very bright illumination, the lighting is ample enough to maintain the beauty of nighttime hangouts.

Glowing Outdoor LED Light Furniture

Most people assume lights can only be suspended from above to achieve maximum illumination. The outdoor LED furniture has demystified this myth by being a contemporary and unique outdoor lighting option. They are becoming trendy among individuals who want to bring a more modern and unique look to their outdoor spaces. One of the first concerns people have about having LED light furniture is the heat emissions.

LED lights don’t have any heat emissions. They also don’t create light sources like the other lighting options, making them environmentally friendly. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, you have the freedom of picking the design and size which best resonates with your style. You can pick a chair, table or sofa designed with opaque material but lights up to emit LED light when connected to a power source. During the day, the furniture doesn’t emit any lights and can be assumed to be ordinary furniture.

Apart from LED furniture, you can look for LED plant pots or other items with inside LED lighting and glam up your outdoor space. Since they are energy efficient, they are also cost-effective. You can reduce the lighting bills by only switching on the LED lights when using the furniture at night.

Submersible LED Pond Lighting Effects

A pond or a water bed creates beautiful aquatic features in your outdoor spaces. During the day, they can be easily viewed and admired, but you need unique and adequate lighting for your outdoor pond at night. The submersible LED pond lights are a more affordable and energy-efficient lighting option. They will amazingly bring the aquatic effect to your outdoor space.

The first option for lighting your pond is installing solar lamps around the pod using spikes. The lamps will act like a glowing celestial crown around your pond. They create an over-the-water illumination effect. However, with the submersible lights, you take the underwater illumination of your pond to another level.

Submersible pond lights are backyard lights that can be placed underwater, resting at the pond’s bottom. They are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Some have different effects, like flashing through various color ranges. They are waterproof and battery powered, hence minimal lighting cost. Apart from being used in a pond, they can be used to light up any water body or fountain in your outdoor space.

Solar Lighting

Las Vegas is the brightest spot in the world, with a crazy lighting bill. No one wants to have a high lighting bill at the end of the month. While many people are flocking to using cost-effective and energy-efficient LED lights, solar-powered lighting offers a convenient option during the warmer seasons. The market has plenty of modern solar panels which don’t require direct sunlight to charge. They can power up your outdoor lights for several hours.

What if you used LED lights that are solar-powered? Not only will they be energy efficient, but they will be very cost-effective. The outdoor LED solar lights come in various options. For instance, some LED lights have solar motion sensors that make the lights shine brighter when it senses an intruder. They come in various options, from lamp posts to lights that are installed on walls. The main objective of solar-powered LED lights is to reduce the cost of running lights as much as possible.

There are plenty of lighting ideas that you can implement in your outdoor space. There are different types of outdoor spaces, and therefore they require different lighting ideas and inspiration. You can create a superb appeal with your outdoor lighting options. Outdoor lights tend to be exposed to harsh weather conditions; hence they need to be durable and weatherproof. Outdoor lights, which have motion sensors, are very efficient in enhancing the security of your outdoors spaces. The versatility in the illumination of outdoor lights makes them suitable for various lighting needs.

Create an outdoor oasis by implementing one or more of the above outdoor lighting ideas in your space. The beauty of outdoor spaces is the wide variety of options you have to choose from. LED outdoor lights come in unique designs with different levels of illumination, cost-effective and energy efficient.