Energy Efficient LED Lights for Warehouses

LED Lighting for Warehouses

Warehouse illumination falls into the category of high-bay lighting. Modern warehouses comprise tens if not hundreds of thousands of square feet of storage space with operations that can continue around the clock. Lighting a modern warehouse requires operators to maximize the efficiency of their operations while minimizing utility bills and operating costs. Energy efficient LED warehouse lights are the best option to accomplish these dual goals.

How Much Does it Cost to Light Up a Warehouse?

Architects and planners often use a default rule that warehouse lighting will cost $1.00 per square foot of warehouse space per year. Thus, the annual electricity bill to light a 100,000 square foot warehouse is expected to be $100,000. This general rule presumes that a warehouse will install traditional high intensity discharge (“HID”) metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting fixtures. Any reduction in this cost will go directly to improve the profitability of the warehouse’s operations, and managers strive to find those reductions anywhere they can.     

If the warehouse manager replaced HID fixtures with energy efficient LED lights, the warehouse’s lighting could be lowered by up to 50%. LED warehouse lights create the same or better quality light with less than half the average electrical energy input. Moreover, energy efficient LEDs last 5 to ten times longer than HID warehouse lighting fixtures. These longer lifespans allow warehouse managers to reduce their maintenance and repair costs over the effective life of the lighting system. 

Also unlike traditional HID high-bay lighting, energy efficient LEDs come to full illumination almost immediately after they are powered on, without the 15 to 20 minute delays that are typical of the older metal halide or high-pressure sodium technology. A warehouse operator can power up the facility’s lights and operations can begin without delay, thus further improving overall warehouse efficiency.

If portions of a warehouse are not in use, the LED lights in those portions can be dimmed to save even more electricity. High-bay LED lights might require special switches and control systems to manage this feature, but those switches and systems are readily available and can be installed into most existing electrical circuitry plans.

Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Warehouses

LED Lighting for Warehouses are also safer in that they operate at lower physical temperatures than HID warehouse fixtures. A metal halide light that gets scratched or that is subjected to strong mechanical forces can weaken and explode in a catastrophic manner, strewing hot broken glass around a warehouse floor. LED warehouse lights operate at far lower physical temperatures and are substantially less prone to sudden potentially-injury causing breakage. For even greater safety and efficiency, explosion-proof LED lighting fixtures can be installed in warehouse environments that are subject to higher stresses and forces. Warehouse employees may appreciate having  fewer absences due to injuries caused by lighting equipment failures.

Retrofit kits are available to install energy efficient LED warehouse lights into existing fixtures. Alternately, full fixture LED replacement fixtures and linear LED warehouse aisle fixtures are also available for lighting plans that are designed for new warehouses, or that will effect a wholesale replacement of an older warehouse’s traditional lighting.