Reasons Why LED is Best for Solar Lighting

Reasons Why LED is Best for Solar Lighting

Today our non-renewable resources have been exhausted and the harm to our planet has brought us to finding alternative renewable sources of power. One renewable power resource is solar energy. Solar energy is collected through solar panels and saves the energy into a power source, such as a lithium-ion battery confirming LED is Best for Solar Lighting. 

The costs of creating solar panels continue to drop and we are seeing more and more solar power utilized in the day-to-day energy vampires. Solar power, with enough sunlight, can create enough energy to power a household, or a single light can be powered off by a small solar panel.

There are so many ways solar panels are great for lighting. 

Why LED lights? 

Solar panels can be used with many different types of lights, but by far, LED lights are the best of all. We want to share with you why it is best to use solar lighting in conjunction with LED lighting.

  1. Energy efficiency.  A standard 50-watt halogen lamp turns 90 percent of its electricity-producing heat and only 10 percent of energy-producing light. Not only this, but LED lights require only 15 percent of the amount of energy to be powered compared to halogen lights. LED lights use 85 percent of energy-producing light output. Put with solar panels, this means you will need even less sunlight to run your LED lighting.
  2. Size & Design. LED lights last longer which means you don’t have to think about replacement bulbs for quite a while. LED last up to 50,000 hours, 30 times longer than incandescent and 5 times longer than CFL lights.
  3. Durability. Being outside, your light and solar panel have to face extreme environmental factors from rain, snow, ice, heat, and wind. These events can damage or destroy your outdoor lighting, so you want to have a durable light option. LED lights are not made of glass and have a hollow center, making them the most durable of all lamps. LED lights are resistant to impacts, socks and vibrations so they make for the perfect choice on outdoor lighting.
  4. Directionality. LED lights assure directionality, meaning that only give light output in one direction. They offer the ability to control the degree of light and how the light is being spread, making them high-quality.

LED lights make the most sense when working with solar lighting which is why LED is Best for Solar Lighting LED lights offer energy efficiency, modern size, and design, durability, and directionality. As technology is improving, lights are lasting longer and saving you both money and environmental negative impacts. Solar power has come such a long way and now can be utilized in your home, try using LED solar power lights today!