Explore Cost Savings With LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

Explore Cost Savings With LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

Even with a flood of information and ratings about every car that is available for purchase in the current market, automobile buyers typically make their final decision on the basis of a car’s exterior appearance and curb appeal. Automobile dealers know this and go to great lengths to make the cars on their lots and in their showrooms as attractive as is possible by keeping them sparkling clean and displaying them under the most flattering lighting. Automobile dealerships are also under constant pressure to reduce their overhead costs as consumers have more information available to them to negotiate lower car prices but Cost Savings With LED Lighting will fix this issue. Many auto dealers are now adopting LED lighting systems to help them meet these challenges.

Car dealers that install LED lighting systems will see an immediate reduction in their electrical energy consumption and utility bills. On average, LED’s generate the same or better illumination with less than half of the energy consumption as traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures. LED fixtures also have useful lives of at least 50,000 hours, and in some cases up to 100,000 hours, which reduces maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the LED system. 

Beyond these immediate savings, car dealerships will improve their revenue by creating a more inviting environment with LED lights that is also more conducive to helping consumers make a final car-buying decision. A well-lit dealership will be better able to attract potential car buyers, who feel more comfortable in welcoming environments that keep them engaged in the car-buying process. Car shoppers who peruse automobile lots during evening hours will be better able to see design details and colors under LED lights. LED’s can be tuned to generate light that is in the optimum temperature and color index that best highlights a car’s features. 

Car sales and finance employees will also appreciate the better quality lighting that LED’s provide in task areas where car buyers can review and sign purchase and financing documents. Garage mechanics will also experience less fatigue with LED lights that can be adjusted across different spectra to eliminate harshness. Their work areas will also be safer with the better lighting that LED’s provide. LED lighting can help car dealerships to experience lower employee absenteeism and a reduction in lost employee time from injuries and illnesses.

Car dealerships that have switched to LED lights are already seeing the benefits of the transition. Some dealers, for example, are installing special lighting optics packages and control systems that generate beam-directed lighting across an entire line of cars in an outdoor lot to better attract a buyer’s attention to those cars. LED’s can be installed to accomplish this type of specific focus without the dim spots between high-mount light standards that are common with metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures. Moreover, the quick on-off and dimming capability of LED lights allows car dealers to save additional energy costs by tuning lights down more easily when potential buyers are not car shopping.