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Solar Flood Lights

LED Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights offers a linear option to lighting your space with LED lighting. LED strip lighting can be decorative or as a functional source of light in you home. LED light technology offers an energy efficient, eco-friendly, brighter, low heat and longer lasting alternative compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. 

By being super compact bright lighting, flood lights increase visibility and can deter crime in dark places. Solar powered lights are increasingly popular as they are energy and cost efficient. Solar powered lights offer the flexibility of where you can place your light without having to worry about any wiring. 

Solar flood lights are waterproof, so they are an excellent outdoor option. Solar lights come with three different types of solar panels, monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels and amorphous solar panels. Monocrystalline panels have cell efficiency at a rate of 15 to 21 percent, collecting more sun and converting it to energy which makes them the most expensive solar option. Polycrystalline panels provide cell efficiency up to 16 percent, but are less expensive to manufacture, polycrystalline panels are generally dark blue in color. Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels are used in large solar panels to power homes and commercial buildings, due to them having a high cell efficiency rate and being the most powerful solar lights. Amorphous panels have a cell efficiency below 10 percent, and are mainly used to power electronic devices, they may be in very low power solar lights.

That’s why we’ve reviewed many of the best solar flood light options on the market and narrowed it down to the 10 best solar flood lights you can buy in 2023. Below we have offered a comprehensive comparison of the best solar flood light choices, with comments and reviews from our top team.

How We Selected the Top LED Solar Floor Lights of 2023

When reviewing and comparing the best solar flood lights of 2023, we kept a few important characteristics in mind. These are the light features that we think are the most important when assessing the comparative value of the best solar flood lights on the market.  

The main things to consider when looking for solar flood lights is the following:

  1. Size of space. Measure the space you are looking to add lighting and ask yourself how much light you really need. Consider what the best method of installation would be, either hanging or suspension. 
  2. Color of light. Do you want a warm or cool tone added to the area? How bright of a light do you want? 
  3. Light Accessibility. Being solar powered, you want to assure the light with receive enough sunlight to stay powered and shine bright.
  4. Installation. Will you need any tools to install the solar flood lights? Will you need a ladder to reach?
  5. Small Details. Think about any added featured you would like in your like. Would you like to be able to control the lights with a remote or a phone app? Do you want different color or brightness options? What does the warranty look like?

These are the main components to consider when finding the best solar flood light options for you. You want to find the right balance between style and functionality of the light. You need to consider how you will install the lights. 

We looked for a good mix of lights that provide different color temperatures depending on the brightness level desired. From there it was a matter of space, depending on a residential or commercial area, what is the best option? Can the lights dim? What does their lifespan look like and do they have motion sensing? Finally, what does the care of the light look like? What type of bulb and batteries does the light need replaced? Is there a warranty?

That said, we’re confident that our final list of the 10 best solar flood lights is an accurate representation of the best-in-class choice for your solar flood lights on the market this year.

#1 Best Overall Solar Flood Light

Sunforce LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light

Size:  12 inches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 1000

By far the winning solar flood light within our assessment was Sunforce’s LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light. This light brings extreme brightness with 150 LED diodes and a triple head feature. You can also adjust the illumination in any direction, this allows for three streams of light coverage in your space. The Sunforce solar security light brings together three lights at a conveniently priced value.

Users have also rated this light as a top favorite, the 1000 lumens of light provide bright lighting in three directions. The light is also equipped with a PR motion detector, which can detect motion in a 180-degree range up to a 30 feet distance. You may also adjust the sensitivity and detection time of the motion sensor. 

The Sunforce solar light uses an amorphous solar panel, which isn’t the most efficient, however it will charge the light. Interestingly, the light powers three included Ni-MH rechargeable batteries rather to a Lithium-ion battery. This light is nice for short periods of bright light, however, may not be the best option if you are looking for continuous light. 

The manufacturer of the light is reputable, providing a one-year warranty with purchase. The light does include mounting hardware to attach it to your ideal location. Overall, the Sunforce triple head solar motion light is an excellent security light option with motion sensing and bright light output.

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eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head LED Smart Lighting

Size:  11 inches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 1200

A dusk to dawn light brought by the manufacturer eLEDing, combines a bright 1200 lumens solar powered light with 3rd-generation LED illuminators, IP65 weatherproof design and SMART light saving technology to keep your light powered from dusk to dawn. Each light produces the bright 1200 lumens of white, daylight color temperature light 7000K from the energy efficient LED bulbs. The LED illuminators include adjustable heads, allowing you the flexibility of lighting in different directs or combine beans to target illumination. 

The light offers a SMART mode which will provide light all night long, functioning in dim mode until motion is detected, then switching to maximum brightness. The light also has a built in Internal Power Management software, which will automatically adjust the brightness level of the light depending on the external weather conditions. Manual dimming of the lights can be done with the dials on the light itself. 

The light offers motion sensing capabilities with a detecting range up to 45 feet x 45 feet. The solar panel of this light is a high-quality 8-watt polycrystalline panel. The battery is a built in rechargeable 28-watts Lithium-Poly AA battery, which has a very long lifespan. The lights include 10 feet of cable to mount the light fixture, as well as adjustable mounts. The eLEDing solar light is durable and long-lasting, there is also a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light

Size:  1.28 pounds

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 900

Sunforce is back bringing a low priced solar powered lighting option with great value. This is a single head light with a 900-lumen output that is one of the most purchased solar flood lights on Amazon. The light will illuminate a 20-30 feet area nicely, the panel and light have a 15-foot cable length to give you the space to find decent sunlight. The light does not claim to be weatherproof, but it should handle normal weather conditions such as rain, snow and high/low temperatures. 

The light is charged through a 1-watt amorphous solar panel with stores light into a 900 mAh Ni-MH battery pack consisting of five AA type batteries. This light is meant to be a motion sensing light rather to a dusk to dawn light, as it cannot store much power. Speaking of, the PIR motion sensor can pick up motion within a 30-foot distance in a 180-degree range. On the light you can control the level of darkness to detect motion in, the time the light will shine after detecting motion as well as the distance sensitivity of the motion detector.

This is a great solar powered lighting option for less than $50 dollars. Sunforce offers a one-year manufacturer warranty which makes this like durable and an excellent value.

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LED Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light

Size:  3.4 inches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 950

Depending on what you are looking for in your solar powered flood light, maybe bright light, weatherproof, or a motion sensor. The SOLLA double head flood light meets many main requirements in a quality LED solar flood light. This light has two adjustable light heads which reflect bright 950 lumens of light. The light can be set to on throughout the night or in auto mode where it only turns on when it detects motion. The motion sensor detects motion up to a 49-foot range and at an angle of 180-degrees. The light stays on for one minute before turning off after motion is detected.

The light has an amorphous silicon solar panel which powers the included lithium-ion battery. Fully charged, the battery will provide up to 10 hours of lighting coverage. The light has a nine-foot cable which connects the light too the solar panel, allowing you to find the place for maximum sunlight for the panel. Installation of the light itself is easy, the necessary mounting hardware is included with your purchase.

This light is highly durable, weatherproof and waterproof, lasting through all seasons. The light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and SOLLA gives customers a no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee while also protecting the product with a 24-month warranty.

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High Powered LED Solar Flood Light

Size:  15 inches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 780

This option is not the most budget friendly, however this high-powered LED solar flood light includes many great features for a solar flood light. The light itself produces bright white light of 780 lumens, perfect for any outdoor space from backyard to commercial lot. The flood light has two 10-watt polycrystalline solar panels that charge a 7000 mAh large lithium-ion phosphate battery, powering the light for about 10 hours at fully charged. 

The light is highly durable, being waterproof and weatherproof. The kit also includes nine feet of wire between the solar panel and light for optimum sunlight conditions. The light has a motion sensor which has a detection range of 40-feet and can light from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. You have the choice for the light to stay on dusk to dawn, or just motion sensing.

One of the most notable features of this light is the included remote control, something many solar flood lights do not have. The remote allows you to operate the flood light from a distance and not have to reach the light to change settings. The only concern about this light is there is no mention of a manufacturer warranty, which could be worrisome due to the high cost of the light.

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Solar Flood Lights Outdoor

Size:  11.8 nches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 500

SunBonar brings a bright, weatherproof and eco-friendly solar powered flood light option. This light has a maximum light output of 500 lumens and emits a warm, white color of 6000K. The lights do not have a motion sensor, however, use a light sensor that automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. 

What’s neat about this light is that it can be installed either mounted to the wall with the included plugs and screws, fixed to the ground with the included spike, or the light and panel can be fixed to a pole, making for flexibility of installment. The light kit includes a 16-foot cable to connect the light and panel, making for ease of access to sunlight.

The light us powered by a six-watt solar panel made from high-quality polycrystalline silicon, collecting sunlight at a high efficiency. The panel charges a 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery delivering up to 12 hours of continuous light. The material of the light is durable and strong, backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light

Size:  11.2 inches

Type of Bulb: LED 

Lumens: 850

Last on our list we bring you another Sunforce light, this being a very budget friendly option at less than $30. This light features a 1-watt amorphous solar panel with a 15-foot cord connecting to the light. This panel powers a lithium-ion Ni-MH five AA battery pack with 900 mAh capacity, which should power the light for about 45-minutes of continuous light.

Although the light is a low-cost item, it still does have strong durability utilizing heavy-duty plastic and aluminum materials, so the light is safe outdoors. The light also features a PIR motion sensor which detects motion up to a 30-foot distance in a 180-degree range. You may adjust the Lux of the light, meaning the level of darkness required for the light to turn on, the time for how long the light will stay turned on after detecting motion, and the sensitivity range of what the motion sensor will pick up. 

The light does include mounting hardware, although many users report it to be bad quality and recommend using stronger materials. The light has a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Overall, this light is a great buy for the price and an excellent place to get started with your solar flood lighting project.

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Adding some light to your outdoor space with solar powered flood lighting is an energy efficient and long-lasting investment. It is nice to have the added security and light near your home or business at night. Solar powered flood lights provide an easy way to achieve a well-lit outdoor area or ever highlight your landscape. All in all, there are so many options of solar flood lighting there is a right fit for you available on the market. 

 Between this guide and the thousands of reviews available, we are confident you can achieve the best solar flood  lighting for your outdoor space.