LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Find the best LED under cabinet lighting.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which lighting to install under your cabinet. LED lights are the most energy efficient option, last a long time and are bright compared to other under cabinet lighting options such as fluorescent and incandescent.

LED lights add light ambiance under your kitchen cabinets.

That’s why we’ve reviewed many of the best LED under cabinet light options on the market and narrowed it down to the 10 best LED under cabinet lighting you can buy in 2023. Below we have offered a comprehensive comparison of the best under cabinet lighting choices, with comments and reviews from our top team.

How We Selected the Top Under Cabinet Lighting of 2023

When reviewing and comparing the best under cabinet lighting of 2023, we kept a few important characteristics in mind. These are the light features that we think are the most important when assessing the comparative value of the best under cabinet lighting on the market.  

The main things to consider when looking for your under cabinet LED lighting is the following:

  1. Size of space. Measure the space you are looking to add lighting and ask yourself if you would like the lights to be visible or not. Look underneath your cabinets to see the material and if there may be any barriers to adding light.
  2. Color of light. Do you want a warm or cool tone added to the room? What are the current colors of your countertops and how would you like to highlight them? 
  3. Power Source. How are you going to power the light? Is there an outlet nearby or do you need a battery option? 
  4. Installation. Are you going to hardwire the lights into your cabinets for a built-in look or is this a DIY project? Can you attach adhesive to your cabinets, and if so will it damage the material? Are you going to have to hire an electrician? 
  5. Small Details. Think about any added featured you would like in your like. Would you like to be able to control the lights with a dimmer or a phone app? Do you want different color or brightness options? How about motion sensing? What does the warranty look like?

These are the main components to consider when finding the best LED under cabinet lighting option for your home. You want to find the right balance between style and functionality of the light. You need to consider how you will install the lights. Hardwire lights require an outlet which may mean having to hire an electrician to implement hardwiring your cabinets. There are also battery powered lights that can be placed in any location, but often batteries need to be replaced often. 

We looked for a good mix of lights that provide different color temperatures depending on the mood you are looking for in your kitchen. From there it was a matter of space, depending on your cabinets are bar lights or puck lights the best option? Can the lights dim? What does their battery life look like and do they have an auto timer? Finally, what does the care of the light look like? What type of bulb and batteries does the light need replaced? Is there a warranty?

That said, we’re confident that our final list of the 10 best under cabinet lighting is an accurate representation of the best-in-class choice for your under cabinet lighting on the market this year.

#1. Best Overall LED Under Cabinet Lighting

EShine White Finish 12 Panels 12 inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Size:  12 inches

Light Color: Warm white or cool white

Power Source: Electric

By far the winning under cabinet light in our assessment was Eshine’s White Finish 12 Panels 12-inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit. The lights come in four different sizes, 7-inch, 12-inch, 20-inch and 40-inch. The lights are also available in warm white or cool white for your own desired ambience. 

Perhaps the lights most significant feature is the hand wave activation, each light has a sensor to turn the light ON/OFF with a wave. Additionally, the light features touchless dimming control to adjust the brightness without a remote. The lights are ultrathin at .38 inches and extremely light weight, having a 12V DC power supply. 

The lights are on the pricier side at $159.00 for the kit, however, the value is  supported with excellent customer service through the manufacturer and a 5-star Amazon rating.

Installing the EShine lights is easy, each set includes screws and 3M adhesive tape for two options of installation. These quality lights are made specially to not harm your cabinets For nice overall under the cabinet lighting, the EShine White Finish 12 Panels 12-inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit is a highly recommend, easy to install, long lasting light option that holds the convenient hand waving feature. The lights hold a 3-year product warranty.

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Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light

Size:  3.4 inches

Light Color: 3000K Warm White Glow 

Power Source: Battery

The second place winning under cabinet light within our assessment was Brilliant Evolutions’ LED Puck light. The puck lights come in a 6 pack with an included remote control for the 3000K LEDs. The lights have 55 lumens and hold dimming preferences. The lights measure at 3.37-in. wide and 1.25-inch in height. 

Perhaps a special feature about the lights is the remote control, which can control up to 12 puck lights at one time. The remote can turn lights ON/OFF within 15 feet of distance, It has dimming preferences for the lights and a handy auto timer that can be set to 15, 20, 60, or 120 minutes. The lights each operate on 3 AA batteries which are included with your purchase. Generally, the lights run for over 100 hours on each battery life and the LEDs will never need replaced. 

Installing the Brilliant Evolution lights is easy, each set includes screws and adhesive tape to make installing the battery easy depending on your preference. The lights are made of a white plastic material and display the light beam at a 180-degree angle. For a nice overall under the cabinet lighting, the Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights are an easy to install, long lasting light option that holds customizable features for your lighting preferences. The lights hold a 1-year product warranty.

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LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar

Size:  12 inch up to 45 inch

Light Color: White & Warm White

Power Source: Electric & Battery

In third we have the LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar comes in multiple sizes starting at 12 inches, and up to 45 inches. These lights having linking abilities to connect up to 75 light bars together, which maximizes your light abilities, however, you will need to purchase additional power cords. The lights are slim at 1-inch and are mounted to either your countertops or cabinetry with the included mounting hardware, no adhesive included. 

The LEDs are 4000k, they are considered super bright and do not have a dimming feature. The lights have an ON/OFF switch on the light. LED Concepts are energy efficient and never need their bulbs replaced, saving you time and money.  

The LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bard is a great option for underneath your cabinets, offering the flexibility to electric and battery power, as well as the ability to link up to 75 light bars. The lights are very bright and long-lasting light without producing heat, they have a designed cool-touch bar. LED Concepts have a 1-year warranty and you will never need any bulb replacements.

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Ustellar Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit

Size:  16.4 ft

Light Color: 6000K Super Bright

Power Source: Electric

The Ustellar Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit is an excellent option for really any location within your home. It is flexible, easy to install and holds a switch dimmer feature. The strip of light is 16.4ft long with 300 super bright 6000K LEDs. The strip is cuttable, flexible and linkable, being made out of PCB to fit any size or length of your cabinets. 

The lights have a switch dimmer which allows you to have control of the brightness for your under cabinet lights. The lights are electric so you will need to have an outlet nearby for power. The Ustellar lights are thin and easy to fasten, no matter the size or shape of your cabinets. 

Installation for these lights is either through the included self-adhesive back or with the adhesive tape, no tools required. The light strip has great heat dissipation, meaning it does not get very hot, and a lifespan of 50,000. The lights are not waterproof and have a limited 3-month warranty. The lights are flexible, customizable and easy to install.

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GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Size:  9-inch to 48-inch

Light Color: Multiple Levels

Power Source: Hardwire & Electric

The GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting offers lights in 7 sizes, 9-inch, 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch and 48-inch. The finishing on the strip is available in bronze, brushed nickel and white. Each kit includes hardware and cords for the lights to be installed either through hardwire with an electrician or plugged-in to an outlet near your cabinets. 

Each light includes a temperature slide switch rotary which offers 3 colors in one fixture. You can select from warm white at 2700K, soft white at 3000K and bright white at 4000K. Additionally, you can change the brightness of the light to full, half or off. Up to 20 units can be linked together, allowing you to maximize your lighting.

The exterior of the light has a quality build and is slim for underneath your cabinet. The lifespan of the light is 50,000 hours and reduces the energy spent in your home. Installation of the lights does require some additional work for mounting, with no adhesive or screws included. A benefit of this light is that is compatible with several wall/box dimmers, including one compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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Litever Under Cabinet LED Light Bar Kits

Size:  12 inches

Light Color: Warm white or daylight

Power Source: Electric

The Litever Under Cabinet LED Light Bar Kits come in either 3 bar or 6 bar sets. Each kit comes with many pieces and parts for your customization of installation setup. Each kit, in addition to your LED bars, includes mounting clips, screws, self-adhesive pads, wire clips and cable tie mounts. This offers many options for how you choose to display your LED lights. The lights are electric so they must be placed near an outlet, although the lights offer cables for connecting abilities. 

The Litever Under Cabinet LED Light Bar comes in two colors, warm white 3000K and daylight 5000K. The lights have a dimming switch with a turning rotary to control your lights dim from 0-100%. Additionally, the lights hold a large power supply which is quiet, has good heat-dissipation and a long lasting lifespan.

The lights offer premium soft bright light without any LED dots or glaring. They have aluminum PCB material and are relatively easy to install. It is notable that these lights cannot be connected with any existing wall dimmers, however, by including all the mounting pieces with the Litever LED Light Bar, it is an excellent option for an all-inclusive light to place under under your cabinet. 

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KORJO Dream Color LED Strip Lights

Size:  32.8ft

Light Color: Rainbow

Power Source: Electric

The KORJO Dream Color LED Strip Lights are a fun rainbow option for your under cabinet lighting needs. Each kit includes two 32-foot long LED strips with self-adhesive backing or mounting brackets for an easy installation. The lights are cuttable and linkable to suit your own individual use. Additionally, the lights are waterproof so they can be used either indoor or outdoor, just note that waterproof does not mean it is safe to submerge the light in water. 

One of the most notable features of the KORJO LED lights, is they can be connected to a IOS or Android App called LED Hue. The lights are connected through Bluetooth allowing you to control the power, color, brightness, and chasing of the lights at the touch of a button. KORJO lights offer 120 kinds of color chasing modes which can be chosen in the easy to use smartphone app. 

These LED lights are a fun option for under your cabinets. They have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours with low-heat and safe of use. KORJO prides themselves on speedy and quick customer service with satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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78 LED Closet Light

Size:  16-inches

Light Color: Pure white

Power Source: Electric & rechargable

The 78 LED Closet Light a super bright, motion sensing and easy to install option for your under cabinet lighting. The lights are 16 inches long and are thin with a 1-inch width. Each package includes a motion sensing light, a magnetic adhesive strip and a USB cable. There is no need to work with hardwiring with this easy to use light. 

The LED Closet lights are auto motion sensing within 150-feet of distance and the lights auto-off after 20 seconds to assist with energy saving efficiency. The 2400mAH battery holds four cycle modes and is rechargeable for your added convenience. The magnetic strip makes the light ultra easy to remove for recharging the battery and an easy reattachment underneath the cabinet. Generally, charging time takes between four to six hours for the light.

This LED light is an incredibly easy to install, rechargeable and motion sensing option for your under cabinet lighting. The LED lifetime is 80,000 hours and the manufacturer, 78, offers a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty for this LED light. This under cabinet lighting option is great if you do not have an outlet handy nearby. It is bright, motion sensing and is rechargeable.

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36 Inch Under Cabinet Lighting 4000K

Size:  12, 24, 36, 48 inches

Light Color: Warm white 3000K & Neutral White 4000K

Power Source: Electric

At the end of our list we have the Phonar Under Cabinet Lighting. The light comes in multiple sizes of 12-inches, 24-inches, 36-inches and 48-inches. This allows for many choices in light sizes for your desired countertop and cabinet space. The lights have a neat silk-printed touch sensor built-in on the face of the lights to turn the light ON/OFF with a light tap. 

The Phonar lights are available in warm white 3000K or neutral white 4000K tones. Each light includes a 12V adapter and is ultra-lightweight for ease of use, the light is only .4-inch. Lights are installed either with the included screws or double-sided sticky mounting strip. Lights are powered with a 4.9ft long power cord, having a standard electric power cord. 

The Phonar Under Cabinet Lighting is a great option for adding lighting underneath your cabinets, the hold a beam angle in 120 degrees. The Phonar’s are made with aluminum alloy and finished with polished chrome for a sleek slim aesthetic. The average lifespan of the LED is 50,000 hours offering long  lasting, even LED lighting.

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Adding some light underneath, your cabinets adds convenience and visibility to your kitchen. It is nice during the nighttime and good for homes with little ones to have some extra light in the dark. Under cabinet lights draw attention to your countertops, help with extra lighting while cooking, or even just add some ambience to your mood lighting. Under cabinet lights provide an easy way to achieve what you’re looking for, and with so many options there is the right fit for you available on the market.

Between this guide and the thousands of reviews available, we are confident you can achieve the best LED light for underneath your cabinets.