Best Solar Lamp Posts

Find the best solar lamp posts.

Best Solar Lamp Posts

Over recent years, LEDs have taken over the lighting of both our indoor and outdoor house environments. With good reason too, as these home applications are excellent energy savers, easy to install and maintain, and significantly improve your atmosphere, making it more attractive. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone. Then comes the solar lamp posts, which are perfect for lighting outdoor property. Most lamp posts are traditionally designed and look very attractive. Plus, their lighting solutions make your pathways and gardens look even more dazzling. However, not all solar lamp posts are equal.

There are numerous factors to consider when shopping for the best lamp posts. Our team compiled some crucial metrics that you may want to use to clinch the best lamp posts that suit your fancy.

The metrics to consider include:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • The lasting power on a full charge
  • Scope of brightness

Using these metrics, our team, through hard work and dedication, compiled a list of the ten best solar powered lamp posts for you. Below is the list.

#1 Best Overall Solar Lamp Posts #1

Sogrand Solar Deck Lights

Vendor Sogrand

Product Dimensions 3 x 3 x 7 inches

Item Weight 13.6 ounces

Material: vinyl

Color: copper

What intrigues most about these lamp posts is that you can mount them on five separate post sizes that range from 3.5” to 5.5”. It also comes with four size adaptors with the set of lights to help accent your flower beds and walkways. They are powered by solar charged AA batteries that you can easily replace once the old ones have been depleted. Its solar fence lights illuminate automatically at dusk, creating the lighting patterns and effects that you desire.

They also don’t require any external wiring. You only need to place their solar panels in a location where they can collect as much sunlight as possible for a full recharge, and that’s it. They also automatically turn themselves off at dawn with up to 8 hours continuous run time when fully charged. These posts are also extremely durable. Thanks largely to their sturdy vinyl construction and copper finish. They can take on rain, snow, wind, or even scorching sun. They easily rank as the ultimate lamp posts in the market.

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Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB Bulb Lamp Post

Vendor Gama Sonic

Product Dimensions 9 x 9 x 87 inches

Item Weight 12.5 pounds

LED Color: Warm White

Power: Solar

Retailing at $197.10, this lamp post from Gama Sonic is a fierce competitor as well, with features that make it feature in our list. It doesn’t have any electrical wiring. Thus, all of its lightings are solar powered. This also makes it relatively easy to install as it is lightweight. Being entirely independent of electricity also means that you save more energy and money compared to other alternatives like gas or electricity-powered outdoor lighting.

Cleanable, tampered glass also protect its monocrystalline silicon solar panels to make it more efficient and durable. Atop that, it is also made using rust-resistant cast aluminum to ensure its long-lasting performance. The automatic dusk to dawn lighting features also bodes well considering its pricing. When fully charged during the day, it can light your space throughout the night without fading. With all these features in one appliance, what else do you need?

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Kemeco ST4311AHP Solar Lamp Post Light

Vendor Kemeco

Item Weight 13 pounds

Product Dimensions 18.5 x 18.5 x 75.9 inches

LED Color: Warm White

Power: Solar

These solar lamp posts also some with a planter. Their good looks and attractive physical features only make them more desirable to potential customers. They have six high power LEDs and four solar panels to trap the solar energy. Its rechargeable battery also enables it to reach its maximum capacity by providing you with high-efficient outdoor lighting.

The decorative style of ripple glass coupled with a plastic planter makes it not only a great lighting appliance but an attractive decoration as well for your yard or garden. It is made using rust-resistant cast-aluminum to make it more durable and effective. The thought that it is also maintenance-free is a bonus. The light it produces is soothing and relaxing with a very functional warmth one that’s fit for classy atmospheres. It is the perfect lamp post to go for if you are looking for a highly durable appliance that is also weather-proof with its own planter. 

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Sea Gull Lighting 8269-12 Sebring Post Lantern

Vendor:  Sea Gull Lighting

Product Dimensions 11.3 x 11.3 x 15.8 inches

Item Weight 3.4 pounds

LED Color: Warm White/Cool White

Power: Solar

This solar lamp post from Sea Gull Lighting has an appealing, classy black finish that nicely contrasts with the seeded glass of its bulb holder. It, however, doesn’t come with a pole. But for the price it is currently retailing, it makes for a worthwhile investment. It is also not solar powered. But you can easily convert it to run on solar energy by setting it up with a separate solar power system.

It comes with dimming features that require a dimmable bulb. You can also use it in wet locations and other outside environments without compromising their integrity. All in all, this is a fine lighting fixture to check out. It can elevate your garden and patio to heights you hadn’t realized before.

The only downside is that it isn’t solar-powered. But as mentioned above, you can always fit it with a solar power panel as its alternative energy source.

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Sterno Home GL23716BK Solar Street Light

Vendor:  Sterno Home

Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 8.8 x 80 inches

Weight: 13.13 pounds

LED Color: Warm White

Power: Solar

This particular lighting solution is made from highly durable rust resistant and weather resistant die-cast aluminum-coated metal. It is virtually impervious to all forms of corrosion. Thus, extremely durable and effective. Its installation process takes only minutes. You only need to place it in a space where it can harness maximum sunlight, and you have a working solar lamp post.

It also has automatic dusk to dawn light features. It automatically turns on/off at dusk and dawn respectively, which makes it a great option for effortless operations. Most customers prefer it more for its traditional vintage design, which makes it a classy appliance to have in your garden. It provides 50 lumens output of light. Enough to illuminate your outdoor spaces with little trouble. Plus, the 12 LEDs only make your outdoor spaces even brighter. However, some customers claim that it isn’t entirely as bright as the manufacturers claim. But still, for such a vintage design, some customers overlook that.

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Callaway Mission Post Light Fixture

Vendor Franklin Iron Works

Item Weight 6 pounds

Package Dimensions 18.5 x 12 x 11.5 inches

LED Color: Warm White

Power: Solar

Manufactured by Franklin Iron Works, this solar lamp post is 15½” high by 8½” wide. It packs about 980 lumens output of light and a built-in 14-watt LED module. Is also comes in 2700K color temperature and 80 CRI, producing warm white light that soothes your atmosphere. This energy-efficient LED post lamp is also wet location outdoor rated. To mean that it can withstand just about anything nature throws at it.

Its beautiful rustic bronze look is an added feature that makes it even more appealing for potential customers. The major downside that it comes with is that it only comes with a lamp head minus the pole. Other than that, you can always source for a decent lamp post that fits your set and has a beautiful, artistic piece going.

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(8 Pack) Greenlighting LED Solar Post (Black)

Vendor GreenLighting

Item Weight 5.91 pounds

Product Dimensions 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches

Material: plastic

This is the perfect solar lamp post for a warm, welcoming glow that fills your porch and garage, giving it a wonderful feel. It is entirely solar-powered with crystalline solar panels that absorb light from the sun. It uses this solar energy to recharge its Ni-CD battery for use in the dark. Thus, there is no need to swap out or install new batteries continuously.

Its setup is simple and easy to understand. Its packaging has everything you need for a quick installation. No more heading to the store to look for last-minute batteries. Each LED light also comes with one rechargeable AA Ni-CD battery plus mounting screws. The setup itself doesn’t involve any hardwiring as the energy it uses comes fully from sunlight.

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Moonrays 91254 Solar LED Post WHITE

Vendor Moonrays

Item Weight 1 pounds

Product Dimensions 5.9 x 5.9 x 4 inches

Light brightnes: 2 lumens

Material: plastic

At only 2 lumens output of light, this solar lamp post is perfect for illuminating decks, patios, and porches. Its installation process is almost completely hassle-free, only needing to mount stakes and screws. It is made using long-lasting plastic, which helps to make it more durable. It harnesses solar energy and can last for up to 8 hours when fully charged.

There’re no wires involved. Thus, no electricity bills. You only need to place it in a space where the solar panel gathers enough solar energy to recharge its batteries.

Perhaps this model’s greatest flop is that it gives off very little light compared to other conventional lamp posts. Also, it doesn’t have adjustable ambient light levels. They also don’t have automatic on/off options for dusk and dawn periods, respectively. You have to switch it on and off manually.

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EZSolar QTP7-R2-BK-4 Led Black Metal Post (4-Pack)

Vendor EZSolar

Product Dimensions 5.6 x 5.6 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight 3.4 pounds

Light brightness: 2 lumens

Material: plastic

If you are looking for more of an affordable and attractive outdoor lamp post option, then this is what you want. Its packaging includes 4-pack outdoor post lights, which also come in three different styles. When fully charged, it can last for about 8 hours before depleting its energy. Its color temperature is 5000k daylight white with a subtle 2-lumen output of light. It is the perfect option for affordable lighting, especially when under a budget. Thanks largely to its versatile nature to withstand most outdoor conditions. If this is the perfect blend of what you are looking for, then best grab your pack today.

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Criteria for Selecting the Best Solar Lamp Posts for this list

Finding the perfect solar lamp post that suits all your preferences isn’t always as easy as most homeowners think. In fact, you can end up buying a lamp post that does everything else but meets your requirements, which will amount to money and energy wasted.

To that cause, we combined some few considerations that should guide you towards making the best buy decision. You can also get inspiration from Google Images and Pinterest. These websites provide some beautiful examples and places where you can find great solar lamp post options.

Below are some crucial factors to check out when shopping for a solar lamp post

Body Construction

Different manufacturers use different materials to construct their solar lamp posts. These materials are what also helps to determine the integrity and durability of these outdoor appliances. Knowing the material type used to manufacture different lamp posts enables you to determine how long they can actually last.

Take the lamp posts made using plastics. These appliances are not likely to last very long or withstand very poor weather conditions. However, lights that are made using stainless steel, aluminum, and hard materials fare much better. Thus, last much longer than the latter.

The price of the solar lamp post that you purchase also significantly depends on the materials used in its construction. That makes price a factor worth checking out, especially when under a tight budget, then the material type is worth looking at.

Scope and Brightness

Of course, you will need to look for the solar lamp posts that are bright and powerful enough to meet your lighting requirements. Check out the lumens count on each lamp post. The higher the lumens count, the brighter your lamps will be. It also helps to determine how far the appliance’s beam of lights reach.

Atop that, you may also want to check the color temperature of the lamp post you choose. This is usually measured in Kelvins (K). Color temperatures come in warm yellow glows, normal white, and ice white colors. Colors temperatures of around 3000K the provide a warm white glow. At 4000K, you get the normal white light while at 5000K, you have the ice white colors. As such, the lamp post you select depends greatly on the atmosphere you plan to use it on.

Charge and Run Time

Going through our list should be enough evidence that different solar lamp posts come in different charge and runtimes. As such, it is essential that you always note the charge times of your desired lamp post. Aside from that, you may also want to check out the application’s run times. Most of the high-end solar lamp posts can run throughout the night for 10 hours and over. Some of the average options can stay lit for up to 8 hours, which is not as bad, considering their price range. So, always ensure that you consider this before making a good buy decision.

Solar Landscape Lighting Design and Appearance

Besides the lighting benefits that you get from these lamp posts, the actual model that you select should play a critical role in playing a part in the ambiance and mood to set for your garden or pathways. As such, you will notice that some designs are more elaborate and detailed than others. in most instances, such solar lamp post fetch high prices depending on the amount of detail put into their construction.

However, if you prefer a few decorative touches to your lamp post’s exterior, then a subtle lantern design may not cut it. Being as they are fairly inconspicuous.

Installation Process

The installation processes of solar lamp lights also vary from one manufacturer to another. How most solar lamp posts are installed is, however, a major concern for most consumers. It can be especially daunting for most newbies or people who don’t have DIY skills for the job. It is not just a matter of finding something quick and easy to install. Some lamp posts require that you have some basic skills to get them working appropriately.

Luckily, most of the solar lamp posts mentioned in our top ten list require very little to no real installation. If anything, you may only need a hammer to help you tap the appliances in position. Otherwise, everything should be pretty straightforward, with simple and easy to understand manuals.

Final thoughts

Our top ten list comprises solar lamp posts of all features that are set to cover all considerations to suit your preferences. The secret to finding a good lamp post that matches your search criteria is to use all the metrics and set of features in your arsenal. These features should help you to at least have a shortlist of lamp posts to choose from. But either way, all things considered, if you follow all of these aspects when making your buy choice, then you should be on the right path, and well on your way to finding what you need.

If your preferred choice is not on our list, then hopefully this guide should help make your selection process simpler.