Best Rope Lights

Find the best rope lights.

Best Rope Lights

LED rope lights are gradually becoming popular and a better preference for most home lighting. And rightfully so, as LED lighting easily surpasses incandescent or even halogen bulbs when comparing their features. For one, they are more efficient, saves you more energy, brighter, last longer, and don’t produce as much heat too. Some of the best rope lights also come with remote controls and other programmable features for ease of use. Generally, the light goes on and on for as long as you want it.

These amazing lights also come in very compact packages which are resistant to shock and extremely durable. This allows you to use them in a variety of ways provided you don’t overload them or subject them to conditions that they weren’t built.

Rope lights are typically the length of a PVC tube with strings of LEDs. The LEDs can come in white or other colors, and you can hang them anywhere you want in your home. These alone should be enough features you need to head out to the store to get yourself rope lights that suit your fancy.

Metrics Used to Reach Our Top Ten List

As with most electronics, rope lights also come with a myriad of features that you might want to check out before making your purchase. These features are what should guide you in finding the best rope lights for your lighting. The features we considered most include:

  • Price
  • Item weight
  • Power source
  • Type of bulb
  • Package dimensions

These features should help you find the perfect rope lights for your home. With any luck, you should find the best lighting from our top ten light. That said, let’s get to it.

#1 Best Overall Pick

LED Rope Lights, 6000K Daylight White, 50ft Flat Flexible Light Strip


Item Weight 3.75 pounds

Package Dimensions 10.1 x 8.8 x 3.5 inches

This is, by far, the best LED strip light to go for. It comes with a UL certified power supply plus inbuilt fuse surge protector, which makes it the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor establishments. It has a 6000k daylight light and can last for over 50,000 hours. They also feature excellent water resistance. Their plug is, however, not waterproof. So, you may want to be careful when using that section around water. But the IP65 waterproof grade is enough to have this LED rope light right in the middle of the showers.

Its superior flexibility is another great feature as it allows it to adapt to just about any shape, making it perfect for any decorative requirements that you prefer. What’s more, you can also trim the length of its strip without damaging its remaining LEDs. Its inter-connectors allow for expansion, allowing you to extend or shorten the length of its strip. If anything, this rope light seems to carry all the baggage you’ll be looking for

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Brizled, 120V UL Listed Plugin Rope Lights

Vendor Brizled

Package Dimensions 8.3 x 8.3 x 2.7 inches

Item Weight 2.16 pounds

Light Source LED

Material Type Plastic

Our second option is an LED rope light manufactured by Brizled. It is made using plastic, which makes it rust resistant and can serve you for longer periods. Remarkably, it allows you to connect up to 15 extendable sets. That’s up to 3,240 lights illuminating both inside and outside of your home. It is also super-bright to create a pleasant, more relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for celebratory occasions and house parties.

Its V0-class fireproof PVC, copper wire, and high-quality LEDs make it one of the best eco-friendly options in the market. These materials also help make it cold-resistant and UV-resistant. Plus, its installation process involves only a screw and some clamps for securing its application in case you plan to hand the application or wrap it around trees. The instructions are easy to read, understand, and follow, with more manual instructions and video tutorials available online that you can use as well.

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HitLights Neutral White Strip Lights

Vendor HitLights

Item Weight 5 ounces

Package Dimensions 8.5 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches

Material PCB Double side Strip Lights

This product of HitLights produces 4000k 600led Neutral light that can illuminate a good portion of your home. It also comes with an amazing 50,000 operational hours. That is roughly five years of use. These features help to make it the better option when looking for even, smooth light that isn’t easy to spot.

It is dimmable and flexible enough to allow you to install them just about anywhere in your home. The best part about them is that you can dim them depending on what you want them to illuminate. So, every part of your home gets the precise lighting you need while not sacrificing any functionalities.

It is fairly simple and easy to use. It works for 12V and rated power of 72W. Remember not to subject these rope lights to excess wattage than its power adapter can handle. Otherwise, it could dim its LED lights and cause them to flicker.

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GuoTonG Rope Lights, Decorative Lighting

Vendor:  GuoTonG

Package Dimensions 9.7 x 9 x 3.8 inches

Item Weight 4.35 pounds

Light Source LED

Material Type Plastic

Shipping at 4.35 pounds, this is one LED rope light to check out. It packs many excellent features that make it perfect in every way. It has a thick transparent, round plastic tube that allows for strong flexibility. This also provides its heat-resistant abilities and anti-UV qualities.

GuoTonG is also waterproof, which allows for it to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You can typically put it directly into the water, and it still functions as if nothing’s happened. It is very flexible, which allows you to bend them into just about any shape you can think of. This makes them another great option to think of when looking for LED light for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations. Of course, it is suitable for all kinds of event parties and weddings too.

GuoTonG is also cuttable and connectable. Its package comes with an included connector for connecting two light strips for making it longer for extended purposes. However, you can also cut them to printed indicia if that suits you more. For 540 LED flexible strips, this bright light is perfect for all occasions.

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Darice Rope Light Set, Flexible Clear Tube Light

Vendor Darice

Item Weight 1.5 pounds

Product Dimensions 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches

Color Clear

Material Type Wood

Darice manufactured this 216-strip, 18inch rope light and it retails at $21.41. Like most other LED rope lights, it is also flexible, and all that light can illuminate every inch of your home. Its flexible tube makes it easy to hang or wrap around trees and on ceilings.

You can connect up to 16 sets of this rope light. That is more lighting than most people would hope for. Each 18inch piece is 120V and 36W. So, try not to go past that if you plan to have your strips around for longer periods. The tube features also help prevent its wires from getting tangled. You only need to staple or hook the tube light on your ceiling or roof line and turn on the switch. It makes holiday light decorations easy as 123 in a fun way. Get your decorations right, and you should have some of the best times in the night with these Darice rope lights?

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LE Rope Light, Clear Tube Light Rope and String

Vendor Lighting EVER

Color: Warm White

Package Dimensions 9.1 x 9 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight 2.13 pounds

At only $26.99, these rope lights run with only 24V, which makes them safe to use. You don’t have to worry about electric shocks or short circuits when making connections. It also has an LED copper wire string which prevents it from overheating even after long hours of use. Children and kids can, thus, touch them without the fear of being burnt.

Simple and easy to install. You can easily DIY its installation following its easy-to-understand manual. It is highly bendable and flexible enough to be placed into and space, and light up any room or space. It’s just a matter of plug and play. There is no hardwiring involved. This makes it a great option for decorating buildings, patios, fences, restaurants, clubs, windows; you name it.

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YIHONG Fairy Lights Rope Lights - Multicolor


Package Dimensions 5.8 x 5.6 x 2.1 inches

Item Weight 9.6 ounces

Color Multicolored

Light Source LED

Comes the YIHONG Fairy Lights that come in multicolor. It retails at $13.99 and weighs only 9.6 pounds. It is also highly waterproof, with an IP44 waterproof battery case to help it withstand normal water splashing. This makes it a good option for outdoor use as well as indoor illumination. Its LED lights come in a clear tubing that protects its fragile copper wires.

This flexible and durable, versatile rope light is also thin enough that you can wrap and hang it in tight spots and even create unique wordings that light up the room. What better way to add extra fun to your indoor or outdoor events than to have lighting in word shapes illuminating your space.

It has eight lighting modes that you can easily switch using its remote. The modes include Slow Fade, Twinkle, Strobe, and more. Perhaps its best feature is that it is battery-powered, allowing for its use even while on the go. That can be especially reliable if you need continuous lighting.

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LED Rope Lights, 8 Colors & Multiple Modes

Vendor Areful

Item Weight 1.76 pounds

Package Dimensions 10.1 x 8 x 2.4 inches

Style Art Deco

Color Rgb (Red, Green, Blue)

This is a product manufactured by Areful. It has multicolor functionalities and remote control to change between its numerous color modes. It also comes with a color changing speed and brightness control, which is very impressive. These are great rope lights for Christmas and other special holidays like Thanksgivings and even weddings.

It is waterproof, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use, and can last for up to and over 50,000hours. The installation process is also fairly simple and easy to understand; there is no hardwiring involved. Thus, excellent for a fun DIY. It is highly flexible and connectable up to 4 sets of the same rope light model.

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Criteria We Used to Determine the Best Rope Lights for this List

Like all other applications, finding the perfect rope lights that suit your preferences comes with a little research. If not, then there is a high likelihood that you will end up with rope lights that do everything but perform what you intended them to. Here are some of the critical factors to consider when shopping for the perfect rope lights for different occasions.

LED Length

It is crucial that you always look at the LEDs per length before making a purchase. Light strips with high a high number of LEDs per yard or meter are excellent for higher light quality. LEDs that are spaced too far across the strips usually emit spotty lighting that isn’t consistent or clean. However, this can be especially confusing as different manufacturers use different measuring units when advertising their products. The best recommendation is to stick to a common unit then convert it to find the best number of LEDs per length that suits your preferences. It is, however, essential to note that this isn’t the only factor that determines brightness or light quality. Some rope lights may have more LEDs per foot but produce dim light.

LED Strip Brightness

The LED brightness also comes to question which rope lights you buy. Technology advancements now allow for even brighter LED strips. However, there are still dim options in case you are not looking for the super-bright strips. The LED brightness is measured in lumens. So, know the brightness strength you are looking for then consider the other features it has as well.

Most outdoor celebrations and occasions, for example, may require you to buy the brighter rope lights. But when lighting a bookshelf, for instance, you may want to opt for the dimmer options. The best way of determining LED brightness is by checking Lumens/length with the LEDs/length. These two features significantly effect light quality and even the type of light that the strip gives off.

Color Temperature

LEDs produce different white colors. Knowing the color temperature of different LEDs is the best way of determining how warm or cold you want your light to appear. Temperature, measured in Kelvin (K), enables you to know which color temperature to choose. The higher temperatures represent cool colors while lower temperatures represent warmer colors, usually yellow light you see from bulbs.

Temperatures as high as 5000K, for example, show more of a bluish hue. 4000K produces more of a natural white and temperatures below 3000K give out more of a warm white. So, know the color temperature you want your rope lights to produce before purchasing any.

The Installation of LED Rope Lights

It is also essential that you have an idea of how you plan to mount your rope lights and set them up in advance. Some rope lights like DC LED Flex Strips to allow you to expose their adhesive backing and stick them onto a clean surface. Whereas, other applications are much more difficult to mount as there can also be a lot of cutting and wiring strips together before your application functions as intended. Ensure, therefore, that you consider these features when factoring installation method into your purchase.

  • The flexibility of LED strips
  • Total length of LED strips you need
  • The durability of LED strips
  • Whether there are other components like connectors needed
  • How many separate strips you need

Final thoughts

That about does it when shopping for a good Led rope light. Our team used the factors and considerations mentioned above to arrive at our top ten picks. There is a high likelihood that you should find the rope lights of your choice here. But if not, then our considerations and list of features should be the perfect guide to help you make the best buy decision. Shop for the best LED rope lights that do much more than simply illuminate your space.