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Best Patio Umbrella Lights of 2023

Are you looking to keep the party going well into the night on your patio this summer holidays? Well, look no further, as investing in a good set of patio umbrella lights should see your nights lit up like never before. Patio umbrella lights have LED lights that clamp onto your umbrellas. Some also come in designs that you can embed them in your umbrella canvas, killing two birds with one stone. By that, we mean that you get to shade yourself from extreme sunshine or rain during the day, then light up your decks and patios when it gets dark. These umbrella lights are just perfect for out-of-doors barbeques, dining, weddings, and even pool parties.

Some of these patio umbrella lights are even solar-powered. They are all, however, cordless. Thus, perfect for outdoor use. But finding the right patio umbrella lights may prove to be a challenge itself. You must factor in a few considerations to make the right buy decision. As such, here are some of the metrics we used to come up with our top ten list. By any luck, you should find what you are looking for.

  • Price
  • Lighting styles
  • Weight
  • Lighting power sources

Below are our top  picks and how we arrived at these decisions.

Criteria we used to determine the best patio umbrella lights for this list

This section should help shine more light on everything you need to know about patio umbrella lights before buying one. Our team compiled a list of crucial aspects that are worth looking into before deciding which outdoor umbrella lights suit you and meet your needs.

Here is what we came up with:

LED lighting styles

From our list, you will notice that different manufacturers use different lighting styles and designs to make their products. The two most common ones are the strand lights and umbrella disk lights.

After thorough research, we found that both styles come with their fair share of merits and demerits. It is, therefore, upon you to decide which one of the two lighting styles to choose.

  1. Strand lights

These lights look similar to Christmas-tree style lights. They even work the same way. However, in this case, the trunk line goes through the shaft of your umbrella. It then spreads out to the ribs on the umbrella and spread light across the whole umbrella.

They are best suited for accent lighting and provide more of a quiet, relaxed mood. They are, however, not the best options for reading or serving meals.

  1. Umbrella light setup

When considering to shop for the umbrella light setup, then other factors come into play. The most critical ones being:

  • Umbrella design
  • Ribs
  • Diameter

These different umbrella design features all aim to make your lighting system as simple and easy to use as any of its other features. The umbrella design feature, for example, helps to make most light systems compatible with your desired preferences.

In regards to firepower, patio umbrellas have different patio umbrella numbers digits which normally come in 8 ribs. However, there are numerous interventions that you must consider as some patio umbrella lights have between 6 and nine different rib amounts. The diameter of the umbrella that you select also depends on its light setup. It is essential that you find the perfect light setup to ensure maximum light length produced by your patio umbrella light system.

Disk light design

Most of the umbrella light designs are constructed to emit light straight from the top of their umbrella shafts. All of these lights are designed to emit light from the top of your patio umbrellas. Light from patio umbrella light designs is also much brighter compared to the ones of stripped lights. The light emitted from umbrella designs is also more focused compared to those from string lights. This makes them better options for brighter lighting compared to most strip light options.

Either way, it is essential that you figure out which light design best suits your need before making a buy decision. Ensure, therefore, that you shop for disk lights that provide a more specialized design that caters to all your preferences.

LED lighting power sources

You may have also known by now that different manufacturers use different powering options for their systems. Presently, the most common power lighting systems include:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Standard batteries
  • Solar-powered umbrella lights
  • Electricity outlets

The best way of determining the best umbrella lighting options is to consider each one of them individually. Use the information you have to understand the benefits and downsides of these different power sources. Not all of them serve the same purpose. Take the solar-powered lighting systems, for example. They don’t work as well during winter seasons or cloudy periods.

Either way, the type of patio umbrella light that you choose depends largely on the settings and preferences you need. Anything less, and you may end up with the wrong lighting system that doesn’t meet your preferences.


Patio Umbrella Lights, Rechargeable 28 LEDs Umbrella Pole Light

Vendor totobay

Item Weight 13 ounces

Product Dimensions 7.9 x 1.2 x 7.9 inches

Max Brightness 400 Lumens

Glow Color Bright White

With 28 LEDs lighting your night, this umbrella light packs a punch. It only has two brightness levels. The first of which only lights 8 LEDs and the full light which lights all of its 28 LEDs. It also has a matched USB cable. Thus, you can charge it using a power bank, wall charger, or computer, and have it light up throughout the night.

On a full charge, its premium eco-friendly rechargeable batteries can last for between 18 and 54 hours. A full charge usually takes around 8 hours. The installation process is also quite simple. It comes with an in-built auto adjustable clamp that holds it up the umbrella. So, no extra tools or special expertise required there. All in all, this is a great addition to your outdoor umbrella appliances, especially if you plan on having occasions or events that go well into the night.

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OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light Cordless 28 LED Lights

Vendor OYOCO

Item Weight 5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches

Light color: white

Material: plastic

At only $10.99, this amazing product from OYOCO can light up your night to keep the celebrations going. It also comes in three different brightness modes. The dim mode lights only 4 LED while the bright mode lights 24 LEDs. Then the super-bright mode lights all of its 28 LEDs. That makes it suitable for all the occasions you may want to host into the night.

Its LED bulbs also make it environmentally friendly and very energy efficient. The installation process is also just as easy. It has an auto adjustable clamp that holds and sticks to your umbrella. Thus, no need to any extra tools or any kind of experience to have it working. To operate, it requires 4 AA batteries which are not included in the packaging. Thus, you must purchase them separately. You can also always get an extra pair of batteries as a backup should the ones you have get depleted in the middle of your nighttime function.

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AMIR Patio Umbrella Light, 24 LED Night Lights, Battery Operated Umbrella Pole Light (Black)

Vendor:  AMIR

Item Weight 14.1 ounces

Product Dimensions 1.4 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches

Light brightness: 12,000 lux

Material: ABS plastic

This patio umbrella light is 80% plastic. It is made using very high-quality ABS material that ensures its durability and efficiency. It comes packed with 24 LED bulbs, all of which give off light at 12000lux. That’s enough light to keep a small party or poker night going for a while.

It comes in three different modes of 4, 20, and 24 LEDs, with 4 LEDs being the dimmest mode and 24 LEDs lit being the brightest. It is entirely cordless and easy to install and operate. All you need to do is clamp it on your umbrella stand and let it illuminate your night. Is also requires 4 AA batteries to operate, and has an LED light lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

I guess the only upset with this model is that it doesn’t come with the batteries in its package. Plus, it doesn’t have a patio umbrella included. You have to purchase these separately.

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Giantex Solar Patio Umbrella Lights, 8 Ribs Steel Tilt w/Crank for Deck, Backyard, Outdoor Use

Vendor:  Giantex

Light color: white

Material: polyester, steel

Dimension: umbrella diameter – 10ft; pole diameter – 38mm

This is the first solar-powered patio umbrella lighting system on our list. It comes with three bulbs that are completely powered by solar energy on each rib after night falls. It isn’t as bright as most of the other models. But where it comes short in brightness, it makes up for by providing a more of a romantic atmosphere. Being powered by solar energy also means that it is friendly to the environment and very energy efficient. It is especially suitable for sunny locations to enable it to recharge during the day.

It is made using 100% polyester fabric, which enables it to block away most of the heat from sun rays that may make your daytime outdoors uncomfortable at times. Its construction material also makes it the perfect option for use in rainy conditions as polyester is waterproof. Atop that, it is fade-resistant too. Thus, allowing for longer service longevity. The setup process is just as simple and easy. However, it doesn’t have an umbrella base included. But customers have complimented on how easy it is to install the patio umbrella.

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C-Hopetree LED Lighted Solar Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Vendor C-Hopetree

Product Dimensions 108 x 108 x 96 inches

Item Weight 14.99 pounds

LED count: 32 LEDs

Material: polyester, aluminum

C-Hopetree made this umbrella light with 32 LED bulbs that are all lit using solar energy. It has a solar power rechargeable battery that keeps all of its 32 LEDs lit up for a great part of the night. Plus, it comes with dual lighting options. Thus, allowing its user to select between warm white rib lights or the more distinctive central hub lights. You can also have both light options to work simultaneously.

Its construction material, solution dyed polyester, significantly enhances its fade endurance capabilities plus optimal sun protection features. The tough aluminum center pole with steel ribs also add strength durability and maintains its integrity for longer periods of use. You may, however, want to know that this model isn’t wind-rated. So, winds above 5mph could significantly damage the umbrella if not closed and secured properly.

On the flip side, its solar-powered panels won’t harness as much sunlight during winter seasons. You may need to opt for the battery-operated models instead to power these appliances.

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FLAME&SHADE Outdoor Umbrella with Solar LED Lights


Product Dimensions 108 x 108 x 92.4 inches

Item Weight 14.33 pounds

Style Full Umbrella Pre-Fitted with LED Lights

Power Source Battery and Solar Powered

This model is both battery and solar powered. So, there is a lesser chance of your lights running out in the middle of the night. It has a dual switched hub light with 40 individual rib lights that are powered by both solar and a rechargeable battery.

This patio umbrella comes already pre-fitted with LED lights, which makes it slightly more expensive than other models in the list. It comes with a rugged aluminum pole plus steel ribs that provide ultimate durability and enhance its efficiency. It cannot, however, handle winds of speeds exceeding 5mph or other related climatic conditions. But other than that, this patio umbrella light is excellent for almost all outdoor night functions.

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DozyAnt Patio Umbrella Pole Lights With 24 Bright & Powerful 12,000 Lux


Item Weight 8.8 ounces

Product Dimensions 7.9 x 1.2 x 7.9 inches

Light brightness: 12,000 lux

Material: plastic

With a brightness of 12,000 lux, you can already tell that this is a powerful patio umbrella lighting system. It has 24 very powerful LEDs that come in three different modes. The modes include; dim with 4 LED bulbs, bright with 20 LED bulbs, and super-bright which has all of its 28 LED bulbs lit.

It, however, uses 3 AA batteries as opposed to the other models in the list which use 4 AA batteries. But even so, it still packs a serious punch when it comes to lighting your outdoor nighttime activities. Its thick, black plastic shell also helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is solar-powered as well. Thus, it can save you extra cash on energy bills.

The light it produces is, however, a coolish, bluish color instead of the warm, welcoming glow which is more appealing to most users.

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Strong Camel 40 LED Lights Patio Umbrella Outdoor Sunshade Market

Vendor Strong Camel

LED count: 40

Material: polyester, aluminum

Dimension: umbrella 9ft diameter; aluminum pole 38mm

Last but not least, is this amazing model that’s manufactured by Strong Camel. With a diameter of 9 inches, eight aluminum ribs, and a 38mm aluminum pole, this is one brilliant outdoor umbrella lighting piece. At full charge, the solar energy it harnesses can last for between 9 and 12 hours. So, no need to use electricity at any point. It includes 5 LED lights on each of its ribs, producing bright enough light to read books and newspapers in the night.

It is entirely solar-powered. So, does not include any wires, batteries, or any other external power source. Its 40 super-bright LED bulbs are enough to illuminate your night and make your outdoor dining or camping one to remember.

Perhaps the only flip side is that you won’t get as much lighting on the not-so-sunny days as it doesn’t get enough charge.

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This concludes our rundown of the top ten best patio umbrella lights for 2019. This buying guide should provide you with all the necessary information to guide you towards making the best buying decision with regard to the different umbrella light designs and models. If, however, you do not find the best options from our top ten selection, then our selection metrics should provide you with more information on making the right decision. In the end, you should have a great patio umbrella light that meets all your preferences.