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Best Outdoor String Lights of 2023

There’s a lot more to buying outdoor string lights than you may think. The outdoor domestic decorative lighting field is gradually growing, with more homeowners shopping for these dazzling lights. LED lighting products keep coming in different shapes, designs, and prices on the market as manufacturers look to be more creative and competitive. The varieties of LED lightings available can make finding the best outdoor string lights for special occasions a very daunting experience. However, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. With a little help from our buying guide, you should be on your way to making the best string light buy decision.

Our team considered all the metrics used to determine the best outdoor string lights that suit all your preferences. The metrics we used should guide and better inform you of what to look for when shopping for outdoor string lights. Here are some of the metrics we used to reach out top ten decision:

  • Price
  • Power type
  • Product dimensions
  • Incandescent or LED bulbs

These features should significantly impact on the type and model of outdoor string lights that you purchase. They will guide you towards making the right buy decision. That said, here is a list of some of the best outdoor string lights that we compiled for you.

Criteria we used to determine the best outdoor string lights for this list

When looking to buy outdoor string lights, it is crucial that you, first, educate yourself on and use to make the right buy decision. Our team compiled a detailed list of some of the most common features to look into to find the string lights that fulfill all your needs. Here are some of them:

LED bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs

By now, you may have noticed that the different outdoor string lights come in different lighting options. Some in LED bulbs while others are incandescent bulbs. This, therefore, significantly impacts the type of light that you get. It also depends on your buying budget. Incandescent bulbs are a more budget-friendly option. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm, soft glow but use a lot of electricity. This means that incandescent bulbs heat up more than their LED counterparts.

LED bulbs, on the other hand, are eco-friendlier as they don’t use as much electricity. Thus, don’t heat up like incandescent lights. This makes them a better option for indoor usage. But you can also use them in most outdoor spaces. LEDs are also much brighter and last a lot longer compared to incandescent bulbs.

Indoor or outdoor use

Generally, all string lights work perfectly for indoor use. However, the same cannot be said for outdoor use. You must, therefore, ensure that the lights you intend to buy are fit and safe for use outside. Look for lights that have been rated and cleared for outdoor use and can withstand weather elements around you, and still function to a reasonable extent. Quality outdoor string lights can withstand even the harshest weather elements and still make your outdoor space glow and look amazing.

Power type

Most outdoor string lights are powered using three different sources. These include batteries, mains, and solar energy.

The mains powered versions must always be plugged into a stable electrical outlet to function. If, therefore, you intend to use them outside, then you need to invest in long extension cords. This makes them an inconvenient outdoor accessory if you don’t have working electrical outlets nearby.

The battery powered lights come equipped with battery cases near the end of the strings. They are more versatile. You can also use them virtually anywhere being as they work even without being plugged in.

Lastly, the solar string lights harness energy from the sun to operate. They, therefore, need to be placed in places where their solar panels can get maximum sunlight to convert to solar energy. Also, most of these outdoor string lights have automatic on/off features. Thus, turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.


Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights

Vendor Brightech

Product Dimensions 576 x 3 x 7.2 inches

Item Weight 7.7 pounds

Light Source incandescent

Color Temperature Warm White

These patio lights can transform your exterior space to look nothing short of amazing. The ambiance pro lights blend perfectly in your porch, garden, pergola, and other outside spaces to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. These beautiful vintage string lights come with exposed filaments that produce a warm, nostalgic glow and make you feel like you just stepped into your very own retreat.

It is also made using heavy-duty, commercial-grade waterproof materials. To mean that they can shine brightly, even in the most hostile weather conditions. Heck, these lights can take on winds blowing at 50 MPH. The materials used to construct it also make it more durable. Thus, preserving its integrity and enhancing its effectiveness.

It comes with dimming features to enable you to set the perfect lighting that also matches the mood of your atmosphere. This makes it even more ideal for romantic dinners, bedroom environments, weddings, and other special occasions. It seems that this outdoor appliance has everything going for it; all the features you’ll ever need.

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Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof Outdoor String

Vendor Brightech

Product Dimensions 576 x 3 x 7 inches

Item Weight 7.2 pounds

Voltage: 110 volts

String lenght: 45 feet

At only 7.2 pounds, Brightech also manufactured this brilliant outdoor string light. It comes with a bulb spacing of 3 feet and allows for connections of up to 40 strands total, which is pretty amazing. The lights are bright enough to illuminate your outdoor space, but not too bright as to overwhelm you in the night.

These are the perfect lighting systems for entertainments and romantic dinners. Thanks to Brightech’s exquisite design and construction of the string lights, you can use them in just about any weather condition. They are typically waterproof and can withstand anything nature throws at it. This also makes them durable and able to serve you for longer periods with little maintenance.

Perhaps the only downsides of this remarkable string light are that most customers consider it to be a bit expensive. It also doesn’t come with a built-in dimmer, which you have to purchase separately. The fact that it only relies on an external power source may also inconvenience customers who don’t have access to electrical outlets.

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Enbrighten 37790 Vintage Seasons Warm White and Color Changing Café String Lights

Vendor:  Enbrighten

Item Weight 6 pounds

Product Dimensions 3.5 x 11 x 9 inches

Indoor or Outdoor Both

Color Temperature Multi-Colored

$174.98 seems like a hefty price to pay for this product. However, it comes with a set of features to back up that price tag. For one, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use and adds a perfect ambiance to your space by providing you with warm white light all year-round. What’s more, you can also select other colors for different occasions or holidays.

Generally, you can set it to one color, two-color combinations, or even different preset color modes, which is just amazing. Plus, it also comes with a wireless remote to switch between different color modes or dim the brightness. There is also the time out feature which you can set for 2 or 4 hours. The color temperature is 2200K, and you can link it up to 750 feet. What’s not to like by now?

Its installation process is quite simple and easy to understand, and setup, and can withstand heavy impacts and harsh weather conditions. So, you only need to set them up once. For all these features, it’s no wonder this outdoor string light retails at such a high price.

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Hometown Evolution, Inc. Outdoor String Lights

Vendor:  Hometown Evolution, Inc.

Product Dimensions 16 x 12 x 12 inches

Item Weight 5.8 pounds

Voltage: 130 volts

String lenght: 100 feet

This is the ultimate product to go for if you are looking to cut down your electricity costs significantly. Its warm white light bulbs consume only 0.6 watts each and are only 1.6” tall x 1.6” wide. The base is only 3/8” wide. It has a very high-quality nickel base and consumes 130 volts. The bulbs are very durable and can serve you for years without needing to be replaced, up to 45,000 hours. If one bulb burns out, the others stay lit. At least until you replace blown-out bulb.

This 100-foot set also has two plug ends and a socket. Thus, enabling you to plug the main setup into 25- or 50-foot sets. It is a great string light to hang in your backyard, balcony canopy gazebo, garden, and other outdoor spaces.

On the flip side, it doesn’t come with a dimming option. Other customers have also complained of it being too expensive compared to the other lights of the same criteria. 

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Outdoor LED String Lights Dimmable, Decorative Lighting

Vendor Palawell

Product Dimensions 7.3 x 4.7 x 5.3 inches

Item Weight 13.6 ounces

Light Source led

Material Type Glass

This one of the best outdoor lighting appliances with excellent waterproof capabilities in the market. It’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use consuming only 1W per bulbs. Thus, perfect for saving energy compared to other conventional lighting sources. Its glass bulbs have up to 30,000 hours lifespan with a color temperature of 2500K to produce a warm glow. The strings are connectable up to 30 strands, enabling you to light up a large area.

It also works great, with over 90% of the common dimmers in the market. Plus, wireless remote control with dimming features. This makes it great for lighting just about every space with different dimming settings. Generally, you have all the features you need in outdoor string lights in one package.

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Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Globe String Lights

Vendor Brightech

Item Weight 1.6 pounds

Product Dimensions 312 x 2 x 3 inches

Voltage: 240 volts

String lenght: 26 feet

This outdoor globe string light has a low heat output that makes is safe for use around both children and animals. There isn’t any fire risk. Its LED bulbs are so energy-efficient and long-lasting that you won’t need to replace them any time soon. They are also weatherproof. Meaning that they can endure scorching sun, rain, wind, sleet, and snow. Whatever nature throws at it, these lights can take it.

The globes also produce soft light at color temperatures of 3000K. The LED technology that they use can save you up to 85% energy bills compared to halogens and incandescent lights.

I guess the only issues that this outdoor string light has is that it only comes with one working mode. It also doesn’t have a dimming option and no battery powered option. Thus, they rely entirely on an external power source. Otherwise, everything else runs pretty smoothly. You may want to have a crack at it.

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Twinkle Star 138 LED Curtain String Lights

Vendor Twinkle Star

Product Dimensions 7 x 3.3 x 1 inches

Item Weight 1.35 pounds

Bulb Quantity 12 LED Stars

At $19.99, you can get this Twinkle Star product. It comes in 8 mode settings that are simple and easy to use and shift between. To use it, you only need to plug it into an electrical outlet. It is quite safe and has power-saving features, which makes it a great option for users under a strict budget. They are also eco-friendly and have a waterproof level of IP44. Its power and controller are, however, non-waterproof.

It may not, however, suit customers who are easily irritated, as some users have complained of its packaging coming while tangled. But other than that, everything else looks pretty neat and worth your investment.

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Vivii Solar String Light 30 LED Crystal Ball String Lights Solar-Powered

Vendor Vivii

Package Dimensions 7.8 x 5.5 x 4.6 inches

Item Weight 1.76 pounds

Voltage: 240 volts

Color: white

These are solar-powered lights that help you save more on electricity bills and other additional costs. Atop that, these Vivii lights are also safe and easy to use and install. They turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off at dawn. It has two different modes that allow you to adjust between its flashing effects.

Its 800mAh rechargeable battery can light its bulbs continuously for up to 10 hours when fully charged. The best part is that you can easily replace them if they don’t get enough solar energy to last you through the night. This is the ideal lighting system to use to decorate your passage, patio, party, garden, and other outdoor spaces.

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Outdoor string lights are your best bet if you feel like you need extra lighting in certain areas of your property but don’t have sufficient space. You could even hand these amazing light sources around your stair’s handrails or even railings of your balcony. They take very little space. Your guests may not even notice them until they turn on and illuminate your outdoor space.

Plus, you can also gather the smaller light strands into a jar and use them as a light flower display. This produces very beautiful atmospheres and works perfectly for different occasions like get-togethers, outdoor parties, weddings, special holidays, etc. These outdoor string lights are precisely what you need to make your outdoor spaces light up in the night like never before.

In any case, we hope that you find what you were looking for in our top ten list. If not, then hopefully, our criteria and method used to reach our top ten products enable you to find the best outdoor string lights that suit your needs.