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LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights offers a linear option to lighting your space with LED lighting. LED strip lighting can be decorative or as a functional source of light in you home. LED light technology offers an energy efficient, eco-friendly, brighter, low heat and longer lasting alternative compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. 

By coming in linear strips, LED strip lights offer great flexibility and personalization to your lighting needs. The strips also offer easy installation, most strips have adhesive backing or are easy to mount in your space. 

LED Strip lights are available in waterproof options, so they are an excellent outdoor option. Strip lighting comes in many colors and sizes, some of which can also be trimmed to fit your exact space size. LED lighting may come in flex strips, rope lighting or even high-power strips. There is also different density in LED strips, either standard or high density, which changes the number of LEDs, lumens and wattage per reel. 

That’s why we’ve reviewed many of the best LED strip light options on the market and narrowed it down to the 10 best LED strip lights you can buy in 2023. Below we have offered a comprehensive comparison of the best LED strip light choices, with comments and reviews from our top team.

How We Selected the Top LED Strip Lights of 2023

When reviewing and comparing the best LED strip lights of 2023, we kept a few important characteristics in mind. These are the light features that we think are the most important when assessing the comparative value of the best LED strip lights on the market.  

The main things to consider when looking for LED Strip lights is the following:

  1. Size of space. Measure the space you are looking to add lighting and ask yourself if you would like the lights to be visible or not. Look underneath in the corners of your space to see the material and what the best method of installation would be, either hanging or adhesive. 
  2. Color of light. Do you want a warm or cool tone added to the room? What are the current colors of your space and how would you like to highlight them? 
  3. Outlet availability. Where is the nearest outlet to plug in the strip lights? Do you have an extension cord to use if it does not reach?  
  4. Installation. Will you need any tools to install the LED strip lights?  
  5. Small Details. Think about any added featured you would like in your light. Would you like to be able to control the lights with a remote or a phone app? Do you want different color or brightness options? What does the warranty look like?

These are the main components to consider when finding the best LED strip light options for your home. You want to find the right balance between style and functionality of the light. You also need to consider how you will be installing the lights. 

We looked for a good mix of lights that provide different color temperatures depending on the mood you desire. From there it was a matter of space and what might be the best options for small and large spaces. Can the lights dim? Do they have a remote or do they have an auto timer? Finally, what does the care of the light look like? What type of bulb does the light need to be replaced? Is there a warranty?

That said, we’re confident that our final list of the 10 best LED strip lights is an accurate representation of the best-in-class choice for your LED strip lights lights on the market this year.

#1 Best Overall LED Strip Lights

HitLights Waterproof LED Strips Kit

Size:  12-inches

Light Color: Multicolored

Power Source: 12V Power Adapter

At first place we have the HitLights Waterproof LED strips kit. This kit includes a four pack or pre-cut 12-inch light strips, however LED strips are also available in a 16.4-foot strip and a smart voice activated kit that has WIFI smart voice control. This all-in-one kit includes four super bright 5050 LED strips that display multicolor in white, red, blue, green, yellow and purple. With four strips included, each kit also included three 12-inch plug and play extension wires with wire clips to keep things neat and organized. 

Each kit also includes a 360-degree wireless RF controller that can reach the strips within 66-feet. The remote can control light color, brightness, shifting patterns and high-intensity strobes. Additionally, the kit has upgraded blue 3M LED tape and adhesive backed wire clips that allows for easy and quick installation. 

By coming in pre-cut strips, these lights offer the ease of flexibility and can connect with connectors, however, are not included in the kit. The strip lights are waterproof and weatherproof, which is especially helped with the included heavy-duty tape. HitLights offers a 12-month warranty and customer service to assist with any questions or troubleshooting. The black tone of the strips allows for an easily hidden and bright LED light strip option with great flexibility for your LED lighting project needs.


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LE Dimmable LED Strip Light Kit

Size:  16.4 ft

Light Color: DaylightWhite

Power Source: 12V Power Adapter

Coming in at second place we have the LE Dimmable LED Strip Light Kit. This 16.4-foot-long strip comes in daylight white and has a dimmer switch to adjust brightness from 10% to 100%. Many reviewers on this kit highlight the super high brightness of the strip light. The strip has 300 LEDs embedded in the strip that is cuttable and linkable, with the included adhesive. 

Each light strip kit includes self-adhesive backing which makes installation easy and safe. Some users comment that the adhesive is not the strongest. Depending on the type of surface you are applying the strip lights on, you may want to invest in a stronger adhesive. 

Although these strip lights are not waterproof, they are one of the most highly reviewed option on the market. Users have used this LED strip light option for vanity mirrors, ring lights, under cabinets and even for some extra plant lighting.

LE offers a 12-month warranty on the light strip. The LE dimmable LED strip light kit is an excellent LED strip lighting option that is flexible and easy to install. They are reasonably priced and provide endless options.


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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Light Strip

Size:  80-inches

Light Color: Multicolor  

Power Source: AC Adapter



Philips is a larger brand when it comes to making light options. This strip option requires the Hue Hub to operate, being a smart control option. The lights are also voice controlled, pairing with Alexa, HomeKit Google Assistant and many other systems. This option is one of the pricier options on our list but has several extremely valuable features. This strip is 80-inches in length, however, can be heavily extended with the Philips 40-inch strip light extensions, up to 33-feet, extensions not included. 

Philips Hue Hub app offers the choice of over 16 million color and white hue options. The app also includes certain mood settings and can control over 50 Hue lights on one hub. There are automatic timers in the app to control the ON/OFF of the strip, no matter your location. 

The Color Ambiance Light strip is cuttable and extendable at specific locations on the strip. The strip is backed by heavy-duty adhesive and operates at 20 watts. Philips offers a two-year warranty on all parts and labor, which can make up for the high cost and necessary Hue Hub bridge.

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Sylvania Mosaic Flexible Light Kit

Size:  16 feet

Light Color: Multicolor  

Power Source: AC Adapter

Sylvania brings an LED color changing light strip that combines a flexible body with multiple color options with limitless pattern options, highlighting the term mosaic. The light strip is cuttable at intervals of 6-inches and can be connected with the included connectors, even offering 90-degree connecters for tough turn angles. 

Perhaps one of the best features about the Sylvania 12-volt lights is the included wireless remote control (batteries not included) that can not only control the light of the LED light strip, but also the brightness. If you purchase multiple Sylvania light strips, multiple strips can be connected through one remote control. Users have reported some issues with the range on the remote, so you may have to stay close to the lights when changing settings. 

Sylvania offers an ease of installation with the included double-sided adhesive, wiring, cables and connectors all included in the kit. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for the product if any issues arise. The Sylvania Mosaic Flexible Light Kit is an excellent, flexible strip light option for your home lighting and decorative needs.


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Tingkam Flexible LED Strip Lights

Size:  16.4 feet

Light Color: Multicolor  

Power Source: AC Adapter

TIngkam’s decorative LED strip lights are an excellent choice on the market at this time for a flexible, multicolored strip light with many personalization features. Each kit includes one adhesive backed 16.4-foot waterproof 5050 LED black strip, a control box, remote control and a power adapter. Every kit has all necessary parts for installation. 

The remote control has 44 keys with over 20 customizable light colors and eight lighting pattern modes. Notably, the strip is waterproof and weatherproof, so it may be used outdoors. The remote offers convenience at a distance for your accent lighting. The strip is cuttable offering great flexibility when customizing your lighting needs. 

Installation is easy with the included strong adhesive that backs the strip lights. Each strip light is backed by a 12-month warranty through the manufacturer.


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LEDMO LED Strip Light

Size:  16.4 feet

Light Color: Warm White

Power Source: AC Adapter

The LEDMO LED strip light offers a brilliant warm white LED glow made up of 300 LEDs. The LEDMO LED strip offers a nice light effect made of clear brightness quality, compared to many LED strips the bring blurred brightness. 

Each strip features environmental protection material to bring long lasting and eco-friendly LED light. The lights only draw 12 volts of power, and even after hours of use remain cool to the touch. This strip is also waterproof with an IP65 LED strip for outdoor use, such as your balcony or deck lighting.

Installation of the LEDMO LED strip light is easy, with an included self-adhesive backing. The strip lights can be paired with a LEDMO remote control, sold separately, which holds a light dimming feature. These LEDMO lights are extremely bright and offer great value for their price. They can be used outside and offer several modes upon the purchase of a remote control.


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Cefrank LED Light Strip Bar

Size:  12 inches

Light Color: Warm Cool White

Power Source: Power Adapter

Although more of a bar style lighting, the Cefrank LED Light Strip Bar works like light strips by offering strips of LED light with flexibility on placement. Each kit includes four 12-inch light bars with 18 LEDs. Each bar has a width of two inches. 

The lights come in cool white at 6000K. Each light has an adapter connected with a five-foot plug. The light strip bar is a great choice for your accent cabinet and wardrobe lighting. Included with the lights are mounting screws and double-sided tape to attach the light bars to your space. 

The Cefrank LEDs are cool to the touch and emit low heat, lasting fifty times longer than normal bulbs. The lights are energy efficient, saving more than 90 percent of energy compared to a traditional halogen lamp. Cefrank also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support on the LED light strip bar.


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Nexlux LED Strip Lights

Size:  16.4 feet

Light Color: Warm Multicolored

Power Source: Power Adapter

In last place, we show the Nexlux LED strip lights. These lights are controlled through a smart phone app via WIFI and hold voice-controlled capabilities with Alexa and Google Assistant. The Magic Home Pro App can be used to control the millions of lighting choices, brightness, light pattern transition mode, auto timer and can connect with your music player to match light to sound. 

The Nexlux LED light strip is waterproof and easy to install inside or outside with the included adhesive backing. Additionally, the light strip is cuttable and connectable, being flexible for your lighting needs.  Users report that the color features of the strip lighting are excellent and bright, however the LED white option is not the best quality. 

Nexlux offers reliable after-sales service and a 365-day warranty on the LED strip lights. The Nexlux LED Strip Lights offer beautiful color and customizable combined with application flexibility.


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Adding some light through LED Strip lights offers personalization, special feature and smartphone connecting abilities. Strip Lights come in many shapes, lengths, and sizes which can be used to create a whole new ambience to your space. Strip lights can be used in so spaces from closet, to garage, to part decorations. LED lights are energy and cost efficient, so you don’t have to compromise high dollars for a well-lit space. 

LED Strip lighting is easy to install, comes in waterproof and weatherproof options, as well as the flexibility of being able to cut and connect strips. LED Light strips are super flexible and can create so many different patterns. 

Between this guide and the thousands of reviews available, we are confident you can find the perfect LED strip lights for you and your space.