Best LED Parking Lot Lights

Thanks for reading through our review. With the newly acquired knowledge, you can pick the best parking lot LED light from our list of the best-LED parking lot lights.

Best LED Parking Lot Lights

Your environment requires ample lighting or enhanced visibility and safety. Outdoor spaces like parking lots need to be visible at all times, day and night. This guide looks at the best-LED parking lot lights that will provide your outdoor parking space with ample light. Listed in our guide are key factors used in determining the reliability, performance and durability of any LED parking lot light.

After carefully reviewing various products, our team of experts compiled the below list of the best-LED parking lot lights.

  • Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights
  • NextGen III 300 watt LED Parking Lot Light
  • NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights 150 Watt
  • HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Lighting 200W 30,000Lm
  • AntLux Outdoor LED Flood Light 150W Super Bright Stadium Light
  • Hykolity 200W LED Parking Lot Light, 27,000LM

Topic Opening   

Parking lots require a 24/7 lighting supply; however, this can be challenging at night. Any parking lot, both residential and commercial, needs to have lighting that meets the luminous flux requirements. However, other key aspects of the parking lot lighting will measure the lighting quality. Unlike other lights, parking lot lights need to be weather-resistant since they are mostly installed outdoors.

Choosing the best outdoor light for your parking lot will determine your visibility and safety. High-quality lighting will create a relaxed environment with good visuals for drivers and pedestrians. LED lights come with plenty of advantages when used as a lighting source. Finding the best outdoor lights can be challenging with the wide range of LED outdoor lights. There are different LED parking lot lights based on the buyer's needs.

However, with the following factors, you can easily find the best light for your parking lot:

  • Lumens
  • Design
  • Light quality

How We Selected the Top Parking Lights  

When reviewing the various LED parking lot lights, we used the following criteria:

  • Lumens: The total quantity of light emitted by any source is measured in lumens. Depending on the space and buyer's needs, the lumens can vary from 300lm to even 10000+ lm. Bigger outdoor spaces will require more light quantity.
  • Design: LED parking lots come with various designs suitable for different outdoor spaces. A night LED light for a residential parking lot will not be ideal for a commercial parking park. The best design will offer high performance and reliability.
  • Light quality: light quality is measured by light temperature. You can choose from cool to warm light temperature. The light should be uniform; parking lot lights with uneven lighting will cause hot and cold spots on the security cameras.
  • Efficiency: while LED lights are environmentally friendly, more economical and efficient, it’s good to look at the extra features of the LED light. Lighting control will greatly affect the efficiency of your outdoor space lighting.


Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

The Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights comes with impressive features, making it one of the best outdoor LED lights for commercial parking spots. The LED light is photocell enabled. The lighting device can detect ambient light with the dusk to dawn photocell sensor technology. The ambient light automatically powers on and off the LED light. Most buyers worry about the Led parking lot getting very hot. With the Ledmo lights, the shoebox light fixture doesn’t overheat because of the hollow out sink design used on the device. The hollow out sink design creates better heat dissipation and gives the lamp a lighter weight.

Buyers are guaranteed maximum illumination on the parking lot. The super bright 200W parking lot light provides 26000 Lumens of light. With an impressive color temperature of 5000K, the LED lap provides the best daylight white illumination. Ledmo has engineered the LED light to have a 130lm/w LED efficiency, and with the dusk to dawn system, the lamp saves a lot of energy. The LED parking lot lights don’t produce any sound or heat; they also don’t flicker, thanks to the high quality LED lamp bead. Apart from having ample illumination, the LED lamp doesn’t produce any IR or UV radiation, making it very environment friendly.

Ledmo provides buyers with a five-year warranty on the product. Ledmo has equipped the parking lot lamps with weatherproof capabilities for enhanced efficiency. The lamps have an IP65 waterproof capability; hence they are still efficient even during the wet environment. They also come with a 12KV surge protector against lightning, while the aluminum housing keeps the LED lights protected from windy weather conditions.

The LED parking lot lights come with slip mounts for easy installation. Buyers are guaranteed a larger coverage area thanks to the design of the LED lamps.

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NextGen III 300 watt LED Parking Lot Light

NextGen has a reputation for producing high-quality LED lights. The NextGen III 300 watt LED Parking Lot Light comes in a compact design and uses the new Phillips Luxeon LED modules. The new modules can produce a maximum of 130 lumens per watt. Buyers have the option of reducing the electricity bills by using lower watt units while still enjoying maximum illumination in their parking lots. The lamp allows the buyer to focus more on the lumens needed instead of the wattage. NextGen only uses high quality and durable LED components. The LED lamp features a high strength housing, which gives the shoebox light an industrial-grade LED light qualification.

The NextGen III 300 watt LED Parking Lot Light has impressive lighting performance and can replace 500 Watts HPS/HID or Metal Halide MH light. With just 150Watts the lamp can produce 19000 lumens. The 5000K light temperature ensures your parking lot has a bright and clear light. Due to the impressive lighting performance, these NextGen LED lights can be used as Street Lights, Parking Lot Lights, walkways, and Sports Court Lights.

NextGen has ensured the Generation III LED lamps are easy to mount by equipping them with a fixed arm mount. The fixed arm mount secures the lamp to the wall or lighting poles. It uses a universal light pole mounting mechanism, giving the LED lamp a finished and professional lighting presentation. Buyers don’t need to be worried about frequently replacing bulbs in this LED lamp. The 100000 LEDs come with impressive longevity, while the aluminum housing has a high tech heat sink. The aluminum housing protects the LED lights from adverse weather conditions, while the high tech heat sink prevents any overheating by enhancing heat dissipation. Additionally, the LED lamp has IP65 waterproof capabilities for all weather conditions.

All NextGen lamps are DL verified and UL listed; hence they are reliable and high quality. They also come with a five-year warranty. 

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NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights 150 Watt

The NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights 150 Watt is another high performing, energy-efficient and reliable parking lot light from NextGen. The lamp uses new and improved 3030 LED modules capable of producing up to 130Lm per watt. All NextGen LED parking lot LED lights come with the option of choosing a lower watt unit while still getting ample light required for your outdoor space. Buyers, therefore, focus more on the lumens needed to light up the outdoor space and not the wattage being used. The premium LED light components and premium aluminum housing gives the LED lamp industrial-grade performance.

Replace your traditional parking lot with the NextGen II LED parking lot lamp and enjoy maximum light at a low cost. With a 150 Wattage, the LED lamp produces 20,060 DLC, premium certified lumens. Buyers get illumination with 5000K color temperature, getting bright and clear lighting of their outdoor spaces. The high performance of the NextGen II Led lamp gives it impressive usage versatility; thus, you can use them in sports courts, roadways and even residential areas with large outdoor spaces.

The lamp comes with an adjustable slip mount designed to fit on the standard circular light poles. The mounts have a 2 3/8 inches inner pole diameter, and the light pole should be 2 – 2.4 inches.NextGen has equipped the lights with a slip mounting feature. Therefore, based on vertical or horizontal mounting, the lights can be angled down or up. This feature makes the LED lamp ideal for lighting faraway places and redirecting the light to a particular spot.  

A high tech heat sink is equipped on the lamp to enable efficient heat dissipation, while the aluminum housing keeps the 100000 LED protected at all times. Thanks to the heat dissipation, the LED light has enhanced durability. The lamp has IP65 waterproof capabilities and comes with a five-year warranty. The NextGen II LED lamp is DLC Premium 4.3 verified and UL listed for safety and reliability.

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HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Lighting 200W 30,000Lm

A bright LED parking lot light with energy-saving capabilities. The HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Lighting is a 200 watts LED parking lot lamp with a photocell. It uses high-efficiency chips, which provide 135lm/w of illumination on an LED pole. The lighting is bright and clear enough to offer similar daytime lighting for your outdoor spaces. Due to its high performance, the lamp can be used in various outdoor areas, ranging from parking lots, driveway, backyard and courtyard. Hyperlite has equipped this LED parking lot light with type 3 distribution. The type 3 light distribution gives the buyer a wider illumination coverage. Additionally, the lamp features a black shorting cap and a blue photocell. While the blue photocell achieves automatic lighting capabilities from dusk to dawn, the black shorting cap enhances the lamp’s functionality.

Hyperlite has designed the LED lamp with features that ease the installation process and enhance time-saving. The outdoor parking lot LED light has a slip fitter separated from the light. It is user friendly and can be installed by one person, saving on time and installation costs. You can only install the light on a pole and not a wall with a simple design. The SFM can install the LED light with 180-degree rotation capabilities or a fixed angle, giving more lighting flexibility.

The parking lot light has a sturdy and heavy-duty shell. Hyperlite has used curved harmonious lines on the shell to create a more beautiful finish. The aluminum housing gives the lamp maximum protection from heat and enhanced durability. It also comes with a hollow design that enhances the lamp’s heat dissipation capabilities. Additionally, the hollow design protects the chips, accelerates airflow and increases the heat dissipation surface. Buyers don’t need to be worried about frequently replacing the bulbs since the lamp has a 50000 hours lifespan.

The lamp comes with a five-year warranty and is UL/DLC certified. Hyperlite offers buyers a return advantage within 30 days of purchase.

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AntLux Outdoor LED Flood Light 150W Super Bright Stadium Light

The AntLux Outdoor LED Flood Light is the best outdoor LED light for buyers with very large outdoor spaces, and it’s more ideal for commercial uses. It offers super bright illumination and performs much better than the traditional lights, which are inefficient and use more energy. AntLux has engineered and designed this outdoor light to produce a maximum of 18000lm, which is ample enough to provide a stadium with abundant day light.

Despite producing high light intensity, the lamp only uses 150W, making it very cost-effective, cutting more than 80% of the lighting and electricity bills. Buyers have the option of purchasing the light based on the wattage used during operation. When used for 6 hours daily, the lamp can last up to 23 years. It has a lifespan of 50000 hours and a 5000K Daylight color temperature.

AntLux opted to use a die-casting aluminum housing for the AntLux Outdoor LED Flood Light. The housing enhances the high performance of the lamp and features excellent heat dissipation capabilities. With high-level heat dissipation, the housing ensures the LED light and the driver have a longer life span. The LED lamp has weatherproof capabilities hence can survive any adverse weather conditions. It has an IP66 Waterproof capability and can withstand any wet environment.

The AntLux parking lot lamp has a yoke mounting design, unlike other parking lot LED lights. The yoke bracket mounting design is user-friendly and easy to install. It can be installed in different angles up to 180 degrees and in various mounting positions and still achieve ample outdoor space lighting. Additionally, the light can be installed on any surface, from lighting poles to walls and still function perfectly. Buyers can use the LED parking lot lamp in stadiums, parking lots, squares, and billboards.

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Hykolity 200W LED Parking Lot Light, 27,000LM

Buyers looking for an LED parking lot light with the traditional design but still more efficient than the conventional lamps will benefit greatly from the Hykolity 200W LED Parking Lot Light. It not only has high performance but it’s also energy efficient. With just 200W, the LED lamp can produce up to 27000 Lumens. The high-quality photocell installed on the lamp produces a 5000K color temperature, capable of lighting any outdoor space with ample daylight. Hykolity has used brand LEDs with 135lm/w light efficiency, making the LED light suitable for outdoor spaces that use the standard 750w metal halide. The lamp has over 70% energy consumption compared to other LED parking lot lights.

Hykolity opted for an LED light design that is easy to install. The lamp comes with an adjustable arm mount. Buyers can angle the mounting pole based on their lighting needs. The mounted parking lot LED shoebox light can be angled between -30 to 50 plus degrees and rotate up to 60 degrees. The technician can mount the light on either a round or square pole when mounting the LED light, but not a wall. With its high performance and lighting flexibility, the LED lamp is most suitable for the following outdoor spaces, basketball court, roadways, tennis court, stadium, and parking lot. Buyers can also use it in both commercial and residential outdoor areas.

Hykolity has used a die-casting aluminum housing for the lamp, with high-quality heat dissipation capabilities. The lamp also features a Durable Engineering PC lens that provides symmetrical distribution of light. With over 50,000 hour’s life span, the lamp can survive up to 23 years when used 6 hours daily. It comes with excellent dimming control, allowing the flexibility of picking the lighting intensity most suitable for your outdoor space.

Apart from the 5-year warranty, the Hykolity 200W LED Parking Lot Light has impressive weatherproof capabilities. It is designed to survive in wet environments, while the enclosed housing is resistant to electrical shocks, rust, corrosion, and cracking.

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Every space needs ample lighting at night to enhance security and prevent possible accidents. Parking lots are important outdoor spaces used 24/7 and hence require lighting 24/7. Many buyers are moving away from the traditional parking lot lights, which are more costly, use a lot of energy and have shorter longevity. LED parking lots are becoming more popular because of their high performance, extended longevity and efficient energy consumption. They can be used on both commercial and residential parking lots.

While equipping your parking lot with an LED light is a worthwhile investment, you need to ensure you buy the best-LED parking lot light. When shopping for the best-LED light for your parking space or any outdoor space, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Lumens
  • Design
  • Light quality

With the above factors, you will find the best-LED parking lot light for your space and get the needed illumination you want on your outdoor space.