Best LED Candelabra Lights

Now that you are equipped with all the necessary information about getting the best-LED candelabra bulbs. Find your favorite bulbs in our list of the best candelabra bulbs.

Best LED Candelabra Lights

LED lighting uses simple and efficient technology, providing buyers with highly effective lighting. They come with much more benefits compared to traditional lighting bulbs. In this detail, we review and test the various LED Candelabra bulbs to develop a list of the best-LED Candelabra bulbs. We also look at the key factors which determine the efficiency, reliability and durability of the best-LED Candelabra bulbs.

After carefully reviewing the various LED bulbs in the market, we came up with the following list of the best-LED Candelabra bulbs:

  • CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb
  • Hudson Dimmable E12 LED Candelabra Bulb
  • CMYK E26 Edison Bulb 40 watt
  • LOHAS E12 Candelabra LED Bulb
  • TAIYALOO E12 LED Candelabra Base Bulbs
  • Hizashi 8 Pack 650 Lumen Candelabra Bulbs  

If you have a chandelier, you would want the best lighting bulbs to accentuate the beauty of the chandelier. With modern LED candelabra bulbs, your chandelier will enjoy added glamor, and you will enjoy energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting. Unlike the incandescent chandelier bulbs, which frequently burn out, the LED candelabra bulbs are more long-lasting.

The LED candelabra bulbs provide the most optimal glow to your space and come with the best lighting technology in the industry. They also come in various shapes giving the option of picking the style or shape that goes well with your chandelier.

When shopping for reliable LED candelabra bulbs, it’s crucial to consider the following key factors:

  • Shape
  • Colour temperature
  • Socket or base
  • Lumens

The above factors will discern the best-LED candelabra bulbs that meet your lighting needs.  

How We Selected the Top Candelabra Lights

When reviewing the different LED candelabra bulbs, we used specific criteria that determined the bulbs' efficiency, durability, affordability, and reliability. Our professional review process focused on the following key factors:

  • Shape: like the incandescent chandelier bulbs, the LED candelabra bulbs have an egg shape or basic torpedo shape design. Some more contemporary chandeliers require LED bulbs, which are capsule or globe-shaped. Modern light fixtures are becoming more popular in the market hence the need for more contemporary shaped candelabra bulbs.
  • Colour temperature: lighting designers will explain the importance of colour temperature to achieve optimal lighting. The most optimal colour temperature for LED candelabra bulbs is 2400 kelvin (K), similar to the incandescent bulb's colour at 50% dimming. Buyers can also go for the 2150 K colour temperature, which is the colour of candlelight.
  • Socket or base: screw-in bulbs are available in four common pocket sizes. The E12 base has a 12 millimeters diameter, while E26 is the standard socket size for screw-in bulbs. Chandeliers with small lambs will use candelabra bulbs with E26 bases. Different brands will have other pocket-size options based on your needs.
  • Lumens: with Led bulbs, the wattage isn't very important as the Lumens. LED bulbs are energy efficient; hence wattage isn't an issue. Lumens measure the brightness of the bulb. The best-LED bulb for your chandelier should be able to offer the most optimal lighting suitable for your lighting needs.


CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb

The CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs are the best bulbs for your chandelier. The bulbs use large-sized and highly efficient Led chips located in the bulb’s filaments. With these bulbs, users are provided with 600 lumens of brightness, ample enough to satisfy any lighting needs. The bulbs have an E12 candelabra base and require an AC 110V-130V. For enhanced functionality, CRLight has equipped the bulbs with various protection features to enhance the bulb’s long life. The bulb has over-temperature, short circuit and overload protection features.

The bulbs have a glass torpedo shape with a 3200K soft glow and a unique antique design. Unlike the incandescent bulbs, the CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs have different lighting, which is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They produce a soft and comfortable atmosphere with whiter lighting than incandescent bulbs. The bulbs have a 360dgress beam angle with an instant on and less heat emission.

Enjoy maximum versatility with these bulbs. The CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs are dimmable, giving the user the freedom and flexibility of adjusting the brightness of the bulbs using the LED dimmers. The dimmers allow one to select the most optimal setting suitable for different activities like reading and knitting. Buyers are encouraged to upgrade their dimmers when they buy the CRLight bulbs. You can’t use the traditional CFL and incandescent bulb dimmers with LED bulbs. Buyers should use upgraded dimmers suitable for LED bulbs.

The CRLight 3200K 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs come with 60W incandescent. Replacement. They can save up to 90% of electricity consumption. They have an ultra-thin crystal and frosted glass that has high transmittance. The bubs are mercury-free and lack any UV, RoHS and CE authenticity. When used five hours per day, the bulbs can last up to 16 years. They have an average lifespan of 30000 hours. CRLight provides buyers with a two-year warranty.

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Hudson Dimmable E12 LED Candelabra Bulb

Hudson Dimmable E12 LED Candelabra Bulb comes in a six-pack or twelve-pack. Hudson offers the bulb in two styles, the 2700K and the 5000K, depending on the lighting needs of the buyer. The Hudson E12 led bulbs are original 4W Thomas edition LED bulbs providing a colour temperature of 2700K or 5000K. The colour temperature options give buyers the needed versatility to pick the most suitable colour temperature. The bulbs provide the most optimal lighting to your chandelier with the vintage antique look and colour temperature.

Hudson opted to have a unique and eye-catching design with the Hudson Dimmable E12 LED Candelabra Bulb. The high-end candelabra LED bulbs are designed with a classic look imitating the small base of candle lights. They have a simple but artistic throwback look as they emit war and soft glow bets suitable for indoor and home lighting needs. Ideally, buyers can also use the bulbs in malls, restaurants and even coffee shops due to their versatility in colour temperature.

Thanks to their torpedo tip, the bulbs have been engineered to provide omnidirectional lighting. They also feature a dimmable ability, setting the correct brightness and lighting suitable for the required ambience and mood. Buyers don’t need to be worried about the pocket size of the bulbs. The Hudson Dimmable E12 LED Candelabra bulbs easily fit any standard E12 small screw pocket or base. The size can accommodate many lighting tools like led ceiling-fan light, Sputnik chandeliers and even candle light bulbs.

Hudson recommends buyers use Lutron or Leviton dimmers to get the best lighting. The bulbs are UL listed; hence they are verified for use and have safety certifications. They are energy efficient, only using a wattage of 4W.

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CMYK E26 Edison Bulb 4 watt

The CMYK E26 Edison Bulb 4 watt offers buyers with maximum energy efficiency. The Led bulbs replace the standard incandescent bulbs, which use 40W, helping buyers save more than 90% on their electricity lighting bills. Apart from the low power consumption, the bulbs have more than 20000 hours lifespan, reducing the re-lamp frequency. For buyers looking for value for their money and reducing their lighting bills, the E26 Edison bulbs will surpass their expectations.

CMYK has equipped the E26 Edison LED candelabra bulbs with dimmable features; buyers can easily adjust the bulb’s brightness to fit any atmosphere or setting. The upgraded dimming techniques will enhance the dimming capabilities of the bulb. With the dimming capabilities of the bulbs, you can use the bulb in various indoor and home lighting environments. CMYK ensured the bulbs were stylish enough to stand out by using a unique vintage design. The bulbs will fit well with lighting fixtures with an E26 medium pocket or base. Due to its E26 base size, the bulbs are suitable for wall scones, lighting pendants, and even outdoor lanterns.

The squirrel cage filament and the clear outer glass give the bulbs an artistic look. Buyers can amp their home décor by using these bulbs to upgrade the look of their homes or settings. Perfect for creating the best romantic and nostalgic ambience that is soft on the eyes. The bulbs are compatible with high-grade dimmers, providing users with smooth dim control. They have a 2000K colour temperature, 330 Lumens and 80+ high colour rendering index. Since the bulbs have no UV or IR, it provides lighting that is soft to the eyes, with no flickering or humming.

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LOHAS E12 Candelabra LED Bulb

Please get rid of the 60W incandescent bulbs you are using and replace them with the more energy-efficient LOHAS E12 Candelabra LED Bulb. These dimmable bulb lights will save you a lot of money on lighting bills. The E12 base candelabra bulbs are suitable with most high-grade LED bulbs dimmers. When used with high grade LED dimmers, users can enjoy versatility in brightness and adjust the brightness levels based on their needs. Even at low brightness, the bulbs provide a stable and pure light.

LOHAS guarantees high performance with the E12 Candelabra LED bulbs. Unlike the 60W bulbs, these LED bulbs use only 6W, saving more than 85% on lighting and electricity bills. They also have a long life eliminating the need to change your candelabra bulbs frequently. Thanks to the daylight white LED system and a 5000K colour temperature, the LED bulbs provide a natural daytime light. Due to its high performance and natural daytime lighting, the bulbs are suitable for wall lamps, hallway lighting, coffee house, and chandelier light.

The LOHAS E12 Candelabra LED bulbs have an E12 base or pocket. Their design and style resemble the Edison bulbs, which also have a standard E12 base. The bulbs can easily fit in standard screw-in-bases /pockets. Buyers can replace their traditional candelabra bulbs with the new LOHAS bulbs without worrying about compatibility. The bulbs don’t have any flickering or emitting sound, providing a silent and reliable lighting functionality suitable even for quiet spaces.

LOHAS has ensured buyers enjoy a safe and healthy lighting environment when buying these LED candelabra bulbs. The bulbs don’t contain mercury or emit any heat. They also don’t have CE, ROHS, UV/.IR and FCC. They also have more than 80 CRI, creating more real and natural visibility of items.

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TAIYALOO E12 LED Candelabra Base Bulbs

The TAIYALOO E12 LED Candelabra Base Bulbs are sold in three or six-packs. Buyers can opt for a warm light or a daytime light option. If you are currently using E12 60W halogen bulbs on your chandelier, you should hastily replace them with these 7 Watts E12 LED bulbs. Apart from being environment friendly, the bulbs are energy-efficient and will save your electricity bills up to 90%. With an RA higher than 80, you are guaranteed a comfortable daylight glow.

One impressive feature of the bulb is the high colour temperature. The bulbs have a 6000K colour temperature, the highest in our list of the best-LED candelabra bulbs. Taiyaloo has carefully engineered the bulbs to have a high-quality PC cover and achieve high light transmittance. The bulbs feature a ceramic base and excellent heat dissipation. The heat dissipation ensures the LED bulbs have a longer lifespan. Additionally, the bulbs are certified by RoHS and CE; hence they are guaranteed high performance and duality.

Excellent dimming performance is achieved by the TAIYALOO E12 LED Candelabra Base Bulbs. Buyers enjoy 0 to 100% stable dimming adjustment and performance. The bubs don’t have any flickering when adjusting the dimming performance. They work safely with an AC voltage range of 110 to 130 volts. Taiyaloo has used a standard E12 screw-in socket in Edison bulbs; therefore, buyers can easily replace their traditional halogen bulbs. With no flickering and no buzzing sound, you enjoy instant full brightness when using these Taiyaloo LED bulbs.

Due to their high performance and standard E12 base, the Led bulbs are suitable for various lighting applications. They fit well for window lighting, ceiling fan light, chandeliers and pendant lights. The LED bulbs use only 7W and are capable of producing 630 Lumens. Buyers enjoy 360 degrees beaming angles when using these Taiyaloo LED candelabra bulbs. The bulbs have a colour rendering index higher than 80.

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Hizashi 8 Pack 650 Lumen Candelabra Bulbs

The Hizashi 8 Pack, 650 Lumen Candelabra Bulbs, offer excellent colour, dimmable capabilities and durability. These UL listed LED bulbs come with a three warranty from Hizashi. Buyers who aren’t satisfied with the bulb’s performance are guaranteed. No question asked=return policy. The 8 pack LED daylight bulbs provide a bright and energetic illumination just like sunlight. One outstanding feature of the Hizashi LED bulbs is their colour rendering index. The bulbs have a colour rendering index higher than 90, hence capable of recapturing all the natural light of every object.

The Hizashi 8 Pack, 650 Lumen Candelabra Bulbs, perform more effectively than the standard 60W candelabra bulbs. The dimming capabilities of the bulb are impressive, providing a smooth dimming experience. You can enjoy 0 to 100% dimming capabilities. Buyers are recommended to use the modern LED bulbs dimmers to enjoy maximum dimming performance and prevent any flickering of the bulbs.

The Hizashi LED bulbs are UL listed and undergo strict testing to ensure consumer safety. The tests also ensure the durability and high functionality of the bulbs. Some of the tests conducted by Hizashi to provide high quality and consumer safety are surge test, overheat test, overload test and short circuit test. The bulb’s filaments are equipped with LED flame tips. The LED flame tips comply with the global standards of electrical appliances and are constructed using high-quality materials. The design and material construction of the Hizashi 8 Pack 650 Lumen Candelabra Bulbs focus on environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and longevity.

Buyers get 35000 hours and more lasting power with the Hizashi LED bulbs. With the 360 degrees beaming angle, the lighting from the bulbs can easily reach every corner of your space. Combined with the 5000k colour temperature and 650 lumens, the bulbs offer ample natural daylight that is soft to the eyes.

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Bulbs are an essential tool for any space and having the best bulbs provide optimal lighting and save on lighting bills. LED bulbs are energy-efficient, high performing and environment friendly, making them very popular. There are different types of candelabra bulbs for your chandelier. In our guide, we have covered the best-LED candelabra bulbs based on various key factors. Candelabra bulbs have immense lighting versatility; hence you can still use them even if you don’t have a chandelier in your space or home.

When shopping for LED candelabra bulbs, it’s crucial to understand key factors. While a classics and artistic bulb will enhance the glamour in your space, the functionality of the bulb is very important. The following metrics are crucial when shopping for reliable LED bulbs for your chandelier:

  • Brightness,
  • Lumens
  • Light appearance or colour temperature,
  • Efficiency,
  • Bulb design
  • Wattage

When selecting the best-LED bulbs, you should consider the dimmers. LED bulbs are only compatible with modern dimmers, enhancing versatility in lighting.