YIHONG Fairy Lights Rope Lights – Multicolor

YIHONG Fairy Lights Rope Lights - Multicolor

These new rope lights are perfect choice if you are planning to decorate your backyard, patio or garden plants for upcoming night gathering;

With a portable battery case and durable tubing for outdoor use, plus a remote to switch lighting mode, dim/brighten the lights, or set timer for auto-run lighting every night; this led rope lights will meet your need in every way!

You can wrap them around your palm tree; outline your patio and deck; illuminate your pathways; light up your stairs at night with a soft glow; brightens up your dark cabinets and bookcases;

How to set timer:

1.turn on the lights by power button or with remote

2.Point the remote directly to the battery case, click timer.

3.When you see the lights twinkle, then it is set.


After setting timer, lights will lights up for 6 hours then off for 18 hours;

You will need to set the timer again of you shut off the lights manually.

When to change batteries:

When you see some color starting to fade or disappear, usually it is red and blue, you will need to change batteries although green and yellow is still on. A new set of Duracell batteries as we tested will last for up to 120 hours with continuously on the mode of “Steady On” before all lights get out, it should last longer on other modes.

Package Includes:

1x Rope Lights(Multi-color)

1x User Manual

1x Remote

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