GuoTonG Rope Lights, Decorative Lighting

GuoTonG Rope Lights, Decorative Lighting

High quality fuse plug

Push the cover back and there are two small 125V 8A fuses on the plug.

They automatically short-circuit before an accident to ensure life safety For this particularly reliable design,

the power adapter has passed UL certification.After prolonged use,the enameled wire and low current insulated power adapter ensure that the copper wire does not overheat and cause damage to the lamp.

  • Color Temperature:6000K
  • Size of LEDs:F3 LEDs
  • Length of a strip:50ft/15m
  • LED Bulbs Spacing:0.83 inch apart
  • Quantity of LEDs:540
  • Light Output (Lumen): 1737 lm
  • Working Voltage:110V DC
  • Diameter:0.4in/10mm

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