Cefrank LED Light Strip Bar

Cefrank LED Light Strip Bar

Brighten the mood with LED Light Bars by Cefrank

LED 4-piece light strip set, 6000K White

Think of shelves as a window in the room or even like a wall light. Shelf lighting can add an indirect softness and at the same time create a feature in the room.

  • Emits low heat, Cool to Touch
  • Built-in LED light source
  • 50 times longer life than normal bulbs
  • RoHS compliant UL,CE certified
  • Easy installation

Energy Efficient LEDs:

Each light bar comes with 15 pieces of high quality LED chips and delivers 100 lumen of brightness with a low power consumptionof 1.2W, which is 400 lumens and 4.8W in total for each kit.

  • Light color: cool white (6000 Kelvin).
  • Transformer electronic, fixed plug-in.
  • Mounting screws and double-sided tape included.
  • Cord length from transformer to switch 5ft, from switch to splitter 1.6ft, and from splitter to light strips 5ft.


Components included

(1) Power Supply with 6.6ft cable , UL Listed 100-120V AC in 12V DC/1Amp(4)

(4) Light bars 11 ¾” (L) x 1/2” (W) x 1/3”(H), 1.2 Watt, 12V DC, 15 LEDs, white color temp. 6000K nm 100lm.

(1) In-line ON/OFF Switch

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